Let’s hear it from our customers!

  1. 2014 • April
  2. 04.01.14

    Kevin Jones | Vice President, Sales & Marketing at APR Consulting

    A heartfelt thanks to Staffing Robot for executing our vision and achieving all the goals we were aiming for with the new site. You guys are amazing!

  3. January
  4. 01.01.14

    Tara Hohenstein, Director of Marketing | Fusion Medical Staffing

    Staffing Robot has an uncanny ability to take a client's brand and communicate it via social media in a thoughtful, engaging and unique fashion. The marketing they've done for Fusion has been a tremendous boost to our brand. They get branding and they get the internet.

  5. 2013 • November
  6. 11.18.13

    Branson Bollinger | Co-Founder at PRSONA

    Staffing Robot did a great job with our video. I would recommend the Staffing Robot team to anyone.  

  7. August
  8. 08.16.13

    Tara Hohenstein, Director of Marketing | Fusion Medical Staffing

    Staffing Robot helped to take us out of the 'pinch and squeeze to read this or click on that' dark ages. Our mobile device is one of my favorite parts of this project. It is so user friendly and it looks pretty good too!

  9. 08.15.13

    Amber Crippen Director of Strategic Sourcing | PPR TMG

    My experience with Staffing Robot has been amazing. They are innovative, creative, and have an industry knowledge that sets them apart from other web/SEO companies. They are and continue to be an asset to our organization.

  10. 08.13.13

    Tara Heiser, Director of Product Marketing | API Healthcare

    What a great tool! Super easy to create campaigns on the fly and quickly build user-generated content in a fun way. Love it!

  11. 08.07.13

    Sam Wageman, President | Fusion Medical Staffing

    Staffing Robot's work is a game changer for us. We wanted an entirely new look that would reflect our internal culture and approach to how we do business. We chose Staffing Robot because of their innovative outlook, creativity, and industry experience.

  12. 08.01.13

    Dwight Cooper, CEO | PPR TMG

    Our experience working with Staffing Robot has been truly amazing. I want our clients to feel about us the way I feel about Staffing Robot!

  13. July
  14. 07.19.13

    Jeff Lott | Senior Vice President

    When it came to capturing our vision, meeting our needs and truly wowing us with their work, Staffing Robot was fantastic to work with. We at PPR truly consider the Staffing Robot team a partner in all of these new marketing initiatives.

  15. June
  16. 06.14.13

    Mike Arkfeld | Vice President of Operations

    The new Titan site is everything we asked for and more. Staffing Robot took the ideas we gave them and made a website that is versatile, responsive and unique. They exceeded our expectations and showcased our brand identity in a way we're proud to call our own.  

  17. April
  18. 04.03.13

    Lauren Campbell | Executive Staffing Coordinator TPI Staffing

    The Hively WOW Wall is an invaluable customer service tool. We love being able to so clearly see the immediate feedback we get from our customers.

  19. January
  20. 01.29.13

    Bobby Adamson | CIO Accountable Healthcare Staffing

    We needed to find a company that had the design skills to help us stand out and the technical knowledge to integrate and sync all of our back end ATS systems with our website. Most of all, we needed this work done quickly. Staffing Robot exceeded our expectations in all of these areas.

  21. 01.24.13

    Ronald Gonzalez | Founder & CEO, Prophecy Healthcare, Inc

    We couldn’t be more pleased with the new look and capabilities Staffing Robot created for us on our new website and mobile website. They exceeded our expectations in terms of creativity and more importantly,helped position our brand for a simpler presentation of our products and services.

  22. 2012 • November
  23. 11.20.12

    Burt Owens | COO Trinity Healthcare Staffing

    We needed a new look that would strengthen our brand and simplify the application process for new travelers. From design, to functionality, to their vast knowledge of the staffing industry, the team at Staffing Robot got the job done, and has been a critical part of helping to grow our business in this year.

  24. October
  25. 10.11.12

    Tyler Goold, Chief Strategist | The Persono Group

    I have had the opportunity to work with Staffing Robot on several occasions for Website design and support and they have produced great results each time. If you're looking for a responsive, professional and educated team to work with the crew at Staffing Robot is second to none.

  26. 10.10.12

    Jennifer Fuicelli CEO | Advanced Medical Personnel Services Inc.

    Don't waste time or money with any other website, mobile or SEO firms. Staffing Robot has the industry expertise, creativity and innovative solutions that continue to be an integral part of our continued growth.  

  27. 10.09.12

    Chad Dahlstrom, Senior product manager | ShiftWise

    I've been contracting with Staffing Robot for the past year now and they have exceeded my expectations on several levels. They have not only completed several complex projects on time but they have also offered valuable insight into the industry to help in my product design. They have consistently been on budget and great communicators. I highly recommend Staffing Robot for website development.  

  28. 10.09.12

    Mike Wejrowski, Vice President & General Manager, Agency | API Healthcare

    Staffing Robot has designed websites for some of the most notable agencies in the healthcare industry. Jason and his team are incredibly creative, always personable, and often ingenious!

  29. 10.08.12

    Jeff Long Marketing Manager | Medical Solutions

    Staffing Robot helped us take our site into the mobile age.  

  30. August
  31. 08.08.12

    Chad Dahlstrom | Senior Project Manager, Mighty Nurse

    We needed a company that could deliver some serious back-end functionality in addition to good front-end design work. Staffing Robot was the perfect choice for us.

  32. May
  33. 05.10.12

    Jennifer Fuicelli | CEO Advanced Medical

    Staffing Robot demonstrated just the right balance between business-like results and envelope-stretching risk. We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with the gang from Portland.

  34. March
  35. 03.10.12

    Deric Gardner | President Hospitalists Plus

    Once again it was great working with Staffing Robot. They constantly deliver high value to us with the website design, marketing and branding services they provide. I highly recommend them.

  36. 2011 • April
  37. 04.01.11

    Dale Williams | Medical Solutions Co-Founder

    Being able to outsource our website development to Staffing Robot has freed us to think more strategically while remaining focused on our day to day objectives. We needed a company that understood our audience and our industry, and could assist us with the technical challenges of a project this size. I couldn’t be more pleased.

  38. 2010 • December
  39. 12.01.10

    Richard Smith | Senior Client Manager, Medical Solutions

    In the six and a half years I’ve been at Medical Solutions we’ve never had a more informative, productive consulting session. I have been using some social media, but nothing even CLOSE to what could be done. It legitimized what I was starting to do, and will open doors I didn’t even know were there.

  40. October
  41. 10.01.10

    Joe Brunson | CEO, Rhino Medical

    Staffing Robot is our go to company for all of our web and marketing needs. They always have something to offer us and deliver without fail for us every time.