We Dig It: Tique Box


“We Dig It” is a new blog series about rad companies, software, websites and more.   We love Portland so much, it only makes sense that we would want to send clients and staffing companies a slice of Bridgetown through hand-picked goods sourced by Tique Box. It’s a great local company and it’s one company we loved…

Introducing Our Newest Project Manager Robot – Barrett!


Tell  us about your project management background?  Simply put, project management is something that comes naturally to me. Being a big brother in an often times latch-key and single-parent home environment, it was usually up to me to determine what we would do, where we would ride our bikes, how we’d build our forts, etc….

Take a Look At This Month’s This Staffing Life Featured Company!


Ready? Congratulations Core Medical Group! From their site: CoreMedical Group is a leading national healthcare staffing agency specializing in placement of permanent or traveling nurses, allied healthcare professionals and physicians. With more than two decades of experience, CoreMedical has a reputation for reliability and excellence that we strive to reinforce every day. So they’re super…

OMG We Have Another This Staffing Life Featured Company!

and the winner is

Guess who it is? Guess? It rhymes with MOPHECY. That’s right! It’s Prophecy Health! For their commitment to client/candidate/employee happiness, social media and uh…tweeting nice things at us (we love that) we (Staffing Robot) award you the very prestigious #thisstaffinglife Featured Company Award Thingy!  Look for a very special pre-valentines gift in the mail delivery system soonly! Because…

This Month’s This Staffing Life Featured Company Is….


TRINITY HEALTHCARE STAFFING! Trinity! Your company culture looks delicious. (pretty sure that’s sweet potato pie but I could be wrong. Who cares? IT’S PIE!) Look for a special present coming your way in the mail from your friends at Staffing Robot. Is your staffing company’s culture super fun? We bet it is! Show us, tell us,…

Guess Who August’s This Staffing Life Featured Company Is?


It’s Fusion Medical Staffing! Hooray! Balloons! Champagne! Applause! Seriously, we love those guys and gals over at Fusion. They’re so open to new ideas, social media and doing whatever it takes to create a brand that shows their professionalism as well as their personality. And they’re the nicest people, to boot. Salt of the earth….

This Month’s ‘This Staffing Life’ Featured Company Is…


  PROPHECY HEALTH! Thanks to Prophecy we now know how to hold conference calls the most SRS BZNS way:     Ha! Seriously though, Prophecy’s commitment to fun, even when doing something as mundane as a google hangout/conference call, deserves some SRS BZNS recognition. Thanks for being such a super company, Prophecy! Your employees are a lucky…

This Staffing Life – Our New Tumblr About Staffing Office Culture!


I consider myself  lucky. I work in an office which encourages individuality, autonomy, lots and lots of really funny jokes (mine anyway) and flexibility/empathy in regards to life > work. Finding a perfect job fit isn’t just about skill sets anymore – it’s about the place you go to every day being  somewhere you actually…

The Healthcare Staffing Report Headline News (12.17.12 – 12.21.12)


 This weeks headline news stories from The Healthcare Staffing Report.   Here is a list of this weeks top Headline News: Monday: The Doctors In – Healthcare Hiring Demand Tuesday: More Staffing Firms Focus On Culture Wednesday: Nurses Picket 21 Kaiser Hospitals in CA Thursday: Hively WOW Walls Let You Show Customer Testimonials On Your Website Friday: 33% of Staffing Firms…