My industry is very professional and I have to sell to executives. Shouldn’t all my marketing content be professional so it appeals to executives?

Jason Lander
Jason Lander says:

My quick answer – No. Businesses these days are loosening up and becoming more casual. Even seemingly ‘professional’ ones. The workforce make up is different, including the idea of an executive. For example, I’m an executive and I wore silver Nikes with my suit to a healthcare conference.

More importantly though is this – executive are typically busy. Or at least good at pretending they are. Most likely they’re not out there in social media land reading your nonsense any way. But you know who is? People that report to those executives.

And that’s the key. You can sell to the executive by selling to people that report to them. These people most often will be younger, potentially less busy and probably reading your nonsense on Twitter. If they like what they see, there’s a good chance they will bring it to their executives. Then boom! You know what’s better than you selling to an executive you’ve never met? Letting someone they trust and talk to all the time do it.

So loosen up. Stop being so ‘professional’ and start promoting some good content.


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