Which is Better Traditional Marketing or Social Media?

Nicole Reed
Nicole Reed says:

The answer to that is simple.. BOTH!
When traditional and social work together magic happens. That may seem like an easy answer but it really is the truth.

Okay, so what if you only have the resources for one of them and HAVE to choose….

Well, sorry, you still aren’t going to get an answer out of me.  It really depends on your specific audience, internal assets and your company’s short and long-term goals.

There is no cookie cutter answer when it comes to who needs social media strategy and what it will look like.
A marketing plan (social or otherwise) for a business whose ideal customer is 65+ year old male techies should NOT look like a business’ whose target demographic is 30 year old stay at home moms.

If you are meeting with a social media strategist and they don’t ask you more questions than you ask them be skeptical.  Marketing especially social is about story telling and for that you have to listen and understand the story before can figure out the best way to tell it.


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