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March 2015 - All of the gems of February 2015

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Our Rating System Is Making It Rain Feedback
Last year the Staffing Industry Analysts were faced with a challenge. They wanted to increase the amount of feedback they were getting from their conference sessions.

SIA has tried several solutions for gathering feedback over the years — paper surveys, texting, print cards, emails, and more — but no approach really gave them the amount of feedback they were looking for. They hit us up with this challenge. And we accepted!

After brainstorming and research we came up with a solution — our very own conference rating system!

The conference rating system allows the SIA to add their sessions for each conference and get feedback in real time as attendees leave the sessions. Keep reading

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Drinking at Work

We're seeing more companies with kegerators and bars in their offices. But is this just because we work in tech? Or because we like pretending we’re as stylish as “Mad Men?”
You decide.

We Got Snappy!

We’ve been building Snappy, our photo sharing product for clients all along but until now we neglected to use it for ourselves. It’s great for driving traffic and promoting your brand.
Get Snappy!