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August 30, 2015

We have the coolest friends! Awesome news for all businesses that care about their customers’ satisfaction and feedback. (Okay, okay, that was too easy) Our customer satisfaction and feedback tool, Hively, is now even more useful because of its new friend. Hively now integrates with Uservoice   It is a match made in customer engagement and satisfaction...

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What is the difference between traditional marketing and social media marketing? Once upon a time staffing companies’ marketing departments wrote a check for airtime, a giant newspaper ad, or a billboard. These would run for the length of the contract and then the sales guy from the radio station or wherever would try and show...

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The game of Monopoly has taken to Facebook to crowdsource new rules for the game. They’re calling it the “House Rules” version. We all remember playing Monopoly at a friend’s house and fighting over the way the game was played there as opposed to how it was played at your own home. For instance, at...

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