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August 2014

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Online staffing, not so futuristic: Meet Talent Finder

Online staffing continues to gain traction in the industry as a successful business model. Faced with this new challenge, many of our clients have reached out to us looking for a solution to stay competitive. So we delivered.

We created Talent Finder to give you your very own online staffing platform. With Talent Finder, staffing companies can compete with other online staffing offerings by enabling clients to review candidates before point of contact. Talent Finder also improves site SEO and increases the chances of candidates getting placed.

ProHealth Staffing was the first of our clients to add the customizable Talent Finder platform to their site, and they’re loving the ability to feature specific candidates, display bios and use photos or icons.  

Check out all that Talent Finder has to offer, and get going with your own online staffing platform. It’s so right now.

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Keep on Bloggin'

Is your company building its brand through blogging? Content should always be evolving, just like your company.

Make it easy! Tell a story and drive SEO with engaging content.
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Cell Staff is Fresh to Death!

The staffing veterans at Cell Staff had a new vision for a staffing company. We were thrilled to work with them to build that new image.

Cell Staff’s site is all new. It’s all different. It’s all fresh.