Staffing Robot

November 2014

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Twitter is about more than showing off photos of your last five-course meal or keeping tabs on Amanda Bynes.

Your presence on Twitter as a staffing company is essential to tapping into new relationships with clients and candidates. It’s vital for keeping current candidates engaged, and the platform is great for all around company retention.

Dust off that Twitter account, we've got some post ideas for you from our blog post 50 Ways For Your Staffing Company to Use Twitter. Here are a few ideas but check the blog for more!

24. Give a tour of your office. Using another app such as Vine, give your followers an inside look at where the work gets done every day, and then share it via Twitter.

36. Link to a blog post that outlines a day in the life of a recruiter or associate.

If you'd like even more ideas on how your staffing company can use Twitter or other social media platforms, contact Staffing Robot. We have a ton of ideas for you!

September Happenin' Haps

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Investing In Your Brand

In October, Dan from Cell Staff blogged for us about investing in branding:
"... we would have not secured the business we have already without all the work we put into how our company looks digitally." 
Take his word for it.