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February 2015 - All of the gems from January 2015

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You're going to be hugging it out with your clients after you read our blog post "4 Ways to Make Your Clients Fall in Love With Your Recruiting Process."

The process of clients selecting the candidates you put in front of them can get get easier and more attractive, might we even add … “sexy”? (FYI: We use this word VERY sparingly unless we're talking about Tom Sellack.)

Your potential clients have heard a sales pitch about how your recruiting process is the most state-of-the-art and unique process on the market by every staffing company that approaches them. This time around show them a side of the staffing process they haven't seen (or heard about) with Jobbee Talent Finder. Read more

January Happenin' Haps

5 Social Media Myths Staffing Companies Believe

Thanks to all of those folks who study social media stats, we know a lot of beliefs pertaining to social media aren’t necessarily true. Read more

Tips For a Killer About Us Page

We'll give you a hint: A great About Us page on your company's website doesn't involve the words "synergy" or "proven methodology."
Read more.

5 Steps to a Perfect LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn can seem like another annoying social media platform to your candidates. Help them whip their profiles into shape with these tips.
Read more.


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