Staffing Robot

October 2014

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Remember back in 1995 when Ask Jeeves was The Man? Back when you could ask him anything in everyday, natural language (and if you were a nerd, still in keywords too) and he’d fetch an answer?

Google’s great and all but have you ever searched something like “Does SEO still matter for my company?” and you got a trillion websites, giving you one billion answers to your question?

We’ve created Ask Us Anything!, a Q & A platform, so now you can think of us as your Ask Jeeves. We’ll fetch you FREE answers on everything from branding, site design, mobile design, SEO, talent marketing, social media and more.

What are you waiting for? Shoot! We're waiting for your design, social media and marketing related questions. Contact Staffing Robot, we can and WILL help!

September Happenin' Haps

Copying Your Competition is a Sure Way to Fail

Once you start copying you’re now in a position of following, not leading. If you’re following then you’re beholden to your competition's roadmap — not your own. Read more.

Find Us At HR Tech Conference

We’ll be in Vegas for the HR Tech Conference & Expo from October 7-10.
Follow us on LinkedIn and connect or stop by our booth and let's talk about website design, SEO, social media, and more!

Get Snappy!

In September, Cell Staff put our software called Snappy to great use. Snappy helps you display photo streams and run photo contests directly on your site. They’re driving traffic, promoting their brand and letting fans in on the fun. Get Snappy!