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July 2015 — All of the gems from June 2015

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Capture More Leads: Try the Apply With LinkedIn Feature

How can you show top talent you’re interested in them without looking like a floozy and opening the flood gates to under-qualified candidates?

One way is the Apply With LinkedIn feature. It’s a feature that lets you apply for jobs with LinkedIn (similar functionality exists for Monster, Indeed, and more). You’ve likely seen it around. And it’s super easy.

BUT THERE’S MORE! In addition to applying for jobs with a LinkedIn profile, we’ve now built a little feature that lets candidates view jobs that match their skills based on their LinkedIn profile — displaying jobs relevant to them in one click, without further filtering. TOO EASY.

This can be built into any ATS, like we did here for our pals over at erecruit. Learn more.

June Happenin' Haps

What's Your Point of Difference?

This classic ad for Hathaway shirts is a famously spur-of-the-moment decision by David Ogilvy, and it made him and Hathaway's shirt famous. How does this apply to your staffing company? Read more

Build Your Video Empire Today

Have you found yourself reading more about video than actually making any of it? It makes sense. Video has a higher entry barrier than something like a blog post. But you can do it! The first step: planning.
Learn more

Run a Social Contest with Snappy!

Snappy is the best way to show your internal culture and involve passive and current consultants and candidates. Contact 
for more info! Or read about Snappy here.