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May 2015 — All of the gems from April 2015

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Blogging for Staffing Companies

Blogging can be a bit like the Y2K hysteria of 1999. Blogging makes logical sense, it has amassed followers but it’s still vastly misunderstood. Many viewed the Y2K bug as merely a computer-related issue while others predicted it was the end of the world.

Some companies see blogging as a logical business-related expense while other organizations live and die by the blog. Your company likely falls somewhere in between — and if so — we’ve got some tips for your company to get the most out of blogging. Continue reading...

April Happenin' Haps

Are You the Company Slob?

If you have been in the workforce for any number of years, you’ve likely had to hide at least one bad habit from your coworkers. Read more!

NEW! LinkedIn Search App

Applicants who apply to job opportunities on the first day they’re posted are 10% more likely to land the job. Are you using the new LinkedIn app

Social Image Guide For You

If the images aren’t the correct size you risk looking unprofessional — or worse yet — like you don’t understand the internet!  Learn more.