Copying Your Competition is a Sure Way to Fail


With my last company, ShiftWise, we had some strong competition. Having created our products all around the same time, we were all going head to head with several other companies to create a new VMS market in the healthcare staffing space and win new customers. For awhile there, our company and our competition we’re all…

Build Your Brand Through Blogging, It’s Easier Than You Think


We’ve talked about how the new Twitter layout can help your branding process and about the importance of a lasting logo design, and now we’re going to add another piece to the branding puzzle: blogging. In addition to color, design and logo, branding is about storytelling. The best way to tell your story is through…

Staffing And Recruiting Agencies – Get Your Website To An 11!


Yes, we are talking about Spinal Tap. Just kidding! What do we mean by 11? We’re talking in terms of satisfaction with your website’s performance. This week, the Staffing Industry Analysts published the results of a recent survey they conducted of nearly 500 staffing and recruiting firms of all types and sizes, across the country….

This Staffing Life – Our New Tumblr About Staffing Office Culture!


I consider myself  lucky. I work in an office which encourages individuality, autonomy, lots and lots of really funny jokes (mine anyway) and flexibility/empathy in regards to life > work. Finding a perfect job fit isn’t just about skill sets anymore – it’s about the place you go to every day being  somewhere you actually…

Bad Copywriting and How To Fix It

Staffing Robot's Copywriter Kiala

Copywriting (content writing too) is tricky. Back in the Mad Men days of marketing and advertising we were speaking directly to the consumer (and drinking a lot I guess) but now we’re speaking to the consumer (or the client) through Google and they don’t always speak the same language. So how do you marry the…

Staffing Robot Gets A New Look!


There’s a saying you may have heard before – “the cobblers children have no shoes.” This saying could definitely be applied to us. When we launched Staffing Robot as a website design and marketing services firm for staffing companies we were overwhelmed with the amount of companies seeking out our services. We love all the…

Professional Services Hosts Webinar Series on Preparing for TJC Healthcare Staffing Services Certification

Learn about proper preparation for success in achieving the Joint Commission Healthcare Staffing Services Certification in this free, 4-part series – “Making Joint Commission Requirements Easy” launching Aug 23rd at 2 p.m. EST. Prophecy Professional Services’ Chief Clinical Officer Christine Carrington, RN, MS, will host the free 4-part webinar series discussing proper preparation for success…