The First Step in Your Staffing Companies’ Video Content Empire


In our content strategy world, conversation in 2015 has been dominated by Video Content Marketing. There are a lot of great blogs (like this one!) that are telling you that this is the year to include video in your content plan. So, have you found yourself reading more about video than actually making any of it? It makes sense….

How Important is Video Content Marketing in 2014?

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Our guest blogger, Megan Ritter, is an online journalist and business enthusiast. In this blog post she shares the importance of video content marketing in 2014. You guessed it. It’s very important. If your business hasn’t started making and sharing videos online yet, now is the time to change that. After all, it is estimated that…

The Best Guide For Posting on All Social Platforms Ever.

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And yesssss, it’s an infographic. But everyone loves infographics! So pretty! So easily digestible! SO SHAREABLE. This one breaks it down for you in pretty, spring pink “cut out” graphics for each relevant social site. We’ve definitely got the blog post one down (I’d better at this point) but let’s look at each of the others….

Watch This Video About Videos – Because SEO. And Human Nature.


Shutterstock produced a video called “Show Me Something” which is not only chock full of infographic type statistics about the importance of video but beautiful visuals and great storytelling. It’s basically the trifecta of what a good video is made of . Not only that, there’s a reason it showed up first in my reader…

How Is Your Staffing Company Doing? Just Ask!


The game of Monopoly has taken to Facebook to crowdsource new rules for the game. They’re calling it the “House Rules” version. We all remember playing Monopoly at a friend’s house and fighting over the way the game was played there as opposed to how it was played at your own home. For instance, at…

Are Job Boards Still More Popular Than LinkedIn?


With the rise in popularity of social media – in particular, LinkedIn –  millennials and baby boomers alike are heading to the internet to look for work. But is LinkedIn beating out Job Boards for job seekers? Nope. A study from Millennial Branding and looks at how different generations use social media and other tools for their job…