Recruiters: Average Salary is Up 5% for College Grads in 2015


2015 college graduates will have something to look forward to along with that brand new career: a 5.2% increase in salaries from the class that preceded them. This puts the average salary at roughly $50k a year, rather than the $48k that 2014 was receiving. Here’s a breakdown by discipline: Computer and information sciences: $73,000 Engineering:…

Attending the Healthcare Staffing Summit: 3 Tech Vendors You Should Visit


The 2015 Healthcare Staffing Summit is nearing! Look for the Staffing Robot booth in Las Vegas in September 28-30. Here are three tech vendors we think you won’t want to miss at this year’s conference.  All three technologies can improve a recruiter’s ability to place candidates faster and more effectively, and you probably know by now this…

The Future of Recruitment: Which Jobs Won’t Require Human Talent?


Those who work in the staffing, placement or recruiting industry know it’s all about the people. You’re in the business of growing businesses AND starting careers — careers that require human thought and problem solving. You’ve seen the numbers before, the industry is only growing; According to Staffing Industry Analysts the U.S. market is projected to grow to the…

Staffing Robot’s New Rating System is Making it Rain Feedback

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Last year Staffing Industry Analysts, came to us with a challenge. They wanted to increase the amount of feedback they were getting from their conference sessions. SIA has tried several solutions for gathering feedback over the years — paper surveys, texting, print cards, emails, and more — but no approach really gave them the amount of feedback they…

No Looking Back: Job Searching On Mobile Increasing

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Our Staffing Robot office is on the fifth floor in a really rad, old building located in Portland’s bustling downtown. I often gaze out of  our giant windows for inspiration (or when I need to make myself look away from my computer screen). I mostly see folks walking around below with their heads down as…

A Customer Service Lesson from Comcast and a Software Called Hively

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The bad customer service call between former Engadget editor and gdgt co-founder Ryan Block and Comcast that went viral is STILL in the news. This time, Comcast is taking some of the blame for the way in which they train their specialists: “We will review our training programs, we will refresh our manager on coaching for quality,…

The 10 Hardest Working Cities in America

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Does your city have bragging rights as one of the top 10 hardest working cities from this study by Sadly, our hometown here at Staffing Robot, did not rank in the top 10 hardest working cities. Portland was ranked the 28th hardest working city though, and we’ll take it! The data used to judge our city…

The Average Wage For Nearly Every Job In America


Are you making more money than the football star from your high school? Now, you can have a better idea. This giant chart shows the mean wage breakdown for every profession in America tracked by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Besides a tool for comparison, this chart is also helpful for those thinking about making a career…

The Best Guide For Posting on All Social Platforms Ever.

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And yesssss, it’s an infographic. But everyone loves infographics! So pretty! So easily digestible! SO SHAREABLE. This one breaks it down for you in pretty, spring pink “cut out” graphics for each relevant social site. We’ve definitely got the blog post one down (I’d better at this point) but let’s look at each of the others….