Google: More People Search on their Phone than on a Desktop


“Here they go again about mobile. Those Staffing Robot people just can’t stop talking about mobile!” It’s true – we talk a lot about mobile because mobile web use isn’t even the future, it’s right now. Every morning, I take the bus to the office and I would estimate that 80% of the people on the…

If Your Job Board Isn’t Mobile, You’re Losing Candidates.


Everyone has talked about the importance of your website being mobile, but staffing companies have an additional concern when it comes down to making sure your site works well on phones: your job board. When you update your site to be mobile friendly, you’re not only appeasing the Google gods; you’ve made it easier for job-seekers…

Is the Backend of Your Website Frustrating? Try WordPress


Your website is your online store front that showcases your brand and company. You should have as much control of your site as any other aspect of your business. We know it’s very likely you would love to change a lot about your website but it’s also very likely that logging into your website is frustrating….

Staffing Robot Developer Particpates in CSS Preprocessor Survery, Breaks the Internet


Just kidding about the Internet breaking, One of our front-end developers, Joe Snell, was one of the many front-end development experts surveyed by the site PSDtoWORDPRESS for this CSS Preprocessors article. Check it out! You’ll learn about the history of HTML, what preprocessors are, why they’re used and which preprocessors are best. Here’s what Joe had to say…