Introducing: Accelerated Search Engine Rankings with Jobbee Recruiter Pro

See how companies like yours are cutting their costs by using SEO to replace job boards.

Instant. Everywhere. For many of you, learning about and buying SEO services is a confusing, clunky, and frustrating experience — but it doesn’t have to be that way. Our new Accelerated Search Engine Rankings program through Jobbee Recruiter Pro is a new initiative with the vision that staffing companies can reduce their spend on Pay-Per-Click…

Testimonials Are Powerful! Are You Getting the Most Out of Them?


If you move to a new town and get a toothache, you don’t open the phonebook and call the first dentist on the list, right? (Millenials, I’ll give you time to Google “phonebook.”) Most likely you’ll ask friends and coworkers where they go and make a decision based off that. That’s because word-of-mouth is still…

5 Steps to a Perfect LinkedIn Profile


  When it comes to LinkedIn if you are like most recruiters, you understand the value of this powerful recruiting tool but if you’re a job seeker, LinkedIn might just seem like another annoying social media platform to manage. LinkedIn reports a total user base of 300,000,000 worldwide and most are actually using it. It’s…

What is the Best Age to Start a Staffing Company?


Julia Child was 30 years old before she started making French cuisine —  so if you’ve been thinking about starting a staffing company in 2015 but you thought you were too old — consider the ages of many successful business owners (aside from Mark Zuckerberg … he wears hoodies to business meetings). If you’ve avoided…

How Important is Video Content Marketing in 2014?

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Our guest blogger, Megan Ritter, is an online journalist and business enthusiast. In this blog post she shares the importance of video content marketing in 2014. You guessed it. It’s very important. If your business hasn’t started making and sharing videos online yet, now is the time to change that. After all, it is estimated that…

Games Of Jobs


Oh man, sometimes there’s an infographic that speaks so specifically to you it’s hard to believe you and your coworkers didn’t build it yourselves. I present to you said infographic without comment. Source: At the end of the day though, Staffing Robot has some of the best clients in the continental US, and we love…

Let’s Talk Business To Business

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I suppose we can’t talk about “best performing content” without first talking about SEO. Video is number one, basically because Google says so and what Google says goes. Therefore, if you want higher SEO rankings one way to do that is with videos. Staffing Robot can attest to this working, as we’ve seen the results…

Hapify Can Help Staffing Companies With Stress

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  Hey thanks Hapify, not only is your name really cute but just as I was feeling stressed, it’s like you sensed it and sent me this infographic. Not to be a negative Nancy but I was just asking my co-worker what percent of life is awesome, we both settled on about 20% (LOL SOB)…

The Best Guide For Posting on All Social Platforms Ever.

Pikachu best

And yesssss, it’s an infographic. But everyone loves infographics! So pretty! So easily digestible! SO SHAREABLE. This one breaks it down for you in pretty, spring pink “cut out” graphics for each relevant social site. We’ve definitely got the blog post one down (I’d better at this point) but let’s look at each of the others….