Recruiters: Average Salary is Up 5% for College Grads in 2015


2015 college graduates will have something to look forward to along with that brand new career: a 5.2% increase in salaries from the class that preceded them. This puts the average salary at roughly $50k a year, rather than the $48k that 2014 was receiving. Here’s a breakdown by discipline: Computer and information sciences: $73,000 Engineering:…

Take Your Child To Work Day – Robot Style

"Dad, do you mind? You're crowding me!"

Staffing Robot was invaded and taken over by pygmy robots for “Take Your Child To Work Day”. This year we had our robots plan workshops for the kiddos. We had a variety of classes that we all wanted to sit in on. 1. Drawing, The Old Fashion Way – by Sam 2. Social Media and Internet Safety…

Should You Drink At Work or Networking Events?


There are some really great studies on the Internet about drinking that help me feel wonderful about myself every day. Being that I am a woman, one of favorite studies is about red wine and heart health. There’s another study that suggests tequila lowers my blood sugar. For instance, this study that you’ve probably seen circulating around…

Two Websites For Finding a Job and/or Being Better at Life

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 9.28.00 AM

We discovered something here at Staffing Robot that might just change my life. Two websites for finding a job (or being better at life). I’ve yet to execute it, but someday, someday it’s going to be a life changer. It’s the 20th exercise in the “Overwhelmed” section of 50 Ways To Get A Job That…

Introducing Our Newest Project Manager Robot – Barrett!


Tell  us about your project management background?  Simply put, project management is something that comes naturally to me. Being a big brother in an often times latch-key and single-parent home environment, it was usually up to me to determine what we would do, where we would ride our bikes, how we’d build our forts, etc….

Take a Look At This Month’s This Staffing Life Featured Company!


Ready? Congratulations Core Medical Group! From their site: CoreMedical Group is a leading national healthcare staffing agency specializing in placement of permanent or traveling nurses, allied healthcare professionals and physicians. With more than two decades of experience, CoreMedical has a reputation for reliability and excellence that we strive to reinforce every day. So they’re super…

Hively Made a Friend

uservoice megaphone

We have the coolest friends! Awesome news for all businesses that care about their customers’ satisfaction and feedback. (Okay, okay, that was too easy) Our customer satisfaction and feedback tool, Hively, is now even more useful because of its new friend. Hively now integrates with Uservoice   It is a match made in customer engagement and satisfaction…

Introducing Our Newest Robot! Nicole!


Welcome Nicole! We’re so happy to have you here. Nicole is our new Social Media Advisor and has a great deal of experience in the social media analytics world. Let’s learn all about Nicole’s life! Including things she’d rather not tell us – Oprah style. Tell  us about your social media background? What do like…