Advanced Medical gets you. They also get a new website.

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Large Company, Small Feel Advanced Medical (aka Advanced Travel Therapy) is one of the largest travel therapy staffing agencies in the United States, but when it comes to working with their talent they still prefer more of a small-business, personal feel. We wanted their website to reflect that same balance of close, personal relationships mixed with their far-reaching network of PT, OT…

Social Media: What’s Your Plan?

1Do You Have APlan-

I can’t even count the number of times I have asked my kids “…and what is your plan exactly?” When one of them asks where the paint is while holding one of my nice pillows, a broomstick and a large bowl. Creativity and big ideas are great, however, most efforts need a plan and usually…

Helping TalentCode Define Success with New Brand & Website


TalentCode was a new, innovative company looking for a first-time brand to represent their proprietary TalentCode Metric and MSP service. The goal was to show users the three packages available (Basic, Standard, and Pro) with a pre-screening tool to evaluate which product their potential clients might need. We delivered with an eye-catching brand. Then, we built a mobile-friendly website with animations, graphics and…

5 New Year’s Resolutions For Your Staffing Company


I always feel pretty iffy about New Year’s Resolutions. I think it’s good to constantly change and evolve, but most of the time my resolutions are just the same as the previous year, and those were abandoned within the first few months (or weeks) of the new year. So I do it all over again on January 1st,…

BlueSky Powers Up With Custom Illustrations, Videos, New Brand and Website

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We used the power of video, custom graphics and playful messaging to rebrand the web-based staffing software BlueSky this year. On top of original content, BlueSky’s logo went through a complete revamp, along with their website which is now mobile-friendly and responsive. Check out their new online presence and let us know what you think!

Marketing Tips for Recruiters in 2016


Recruiters, you know more about marketing than you think. When I’m at staffing conferences, I often tell people I’m not in a sales role. I might be dodging the sleazy sales reputation a tiny bit, but I say it because it’s true. I’m a content strategist lucky enough to be brought along to trade shows…

4 Tips for Creating the Best Trade Show Displays and Materials


We’re getting closer to the end of conference and trade show season here at Staffing Robot. We’ve been in a few conference halls and believe it or not we weren’t just hanging out at the bar during cocktail hour. We’ve had the opportunity to check out a lot of trade show booths, swag, and handouts. The companies…

Why The CareerBuilder Rebrand Isn’t Working


As you probably know, we’re big advocates of rebranding. We rebrand and create new brands for staffing companies all the time, and see the tremendous impact it can have on a business. Often it’s necessary for companies to rebrand because when the company started, budgets were limited and the founders opted not to spend or…

4 Ways Your Staffing Company Can Create It’s Own Coke Bottle


Way back in 1915 when Coca-Cola was still a nascent soda company, they were having trouble differentiating themselves from the competition. Not only was the soda being packaged in inconsistent bottles across different regions, other soda companies copying their bottles and labels making it hard for consumers to stay loyal. Coca-Cola asked ten different glass…