Is the Backend of Your Website Frustrating? Try WordPress


Your website is your online store front that showcases your brand and company. You should have as much control of your site as any other aspect of your business. We know it’s very likely you would love to change a lot about your website but it’s also very likely that logging into your website is frustrating….

Staffing Robot’s New Rating System is Making it Rain Feedback

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Last year Staffing Industry Analysts, came to us with a challenge. They wanted to increase the amount of feedback they were getting from their conference sessions. SIA has tried several solutions for gathering feedback over the years — paper surveys, texting, print cards, emails, and more — but no approach really gave them the amount of feedback they…

Millions of Monthly Users on Instagram: Can Your Staffing Firm Afford to Ignore Them?


This week Instagram announced big numbers in social media. The popular photo sharing app now has 300 million monthly active users. This is HUGE for companies in the staffing industry that are working toward gaining potential clients and candidates, but passive candidates too. The best part about Instagram for your business? It’s still free. Unlike Facebook,…

ProHealth Shows Innovation With Talent Marketing Offering

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ProHealth Staffing is one of the leading healthcare staffing companies in the country. But they weren’t satisfied stopping there. They decided to expand their services and start offering creative and tech talent to their same healthcare clients. Smart! They call it ProHealth Tech & Creative. ProHealth Tech & Creative came to us wanting to launch…

Online Staffing Platforms, Not So Futuristic: Meet Talent Finder

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Online staffing continues to gain traction in the industry as a successful business model. Faced with this new challenge, many of our clients have reached out to us looking for a solution to stay competitive. So we delivered. We created Talent Finder, to give you your very own online staffing platform. With Talent Finder, staffing…

Best Practices for Promoting Jobs On Your Website

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Over the last decade the competition for attracting talent moved to the web. Over the last 2-3 years, another shift happened with the mobile web. Job seekers are increasingly surfing the web on their mobile devices, enjoying the flexibility, speed and convenience it offers. This transition from online desktop, to mobile job searching, represents a…

Are Job Boards Still More Popular Than LinkedIn?


With the rise in popularity of social media – in particular, LinkedIn –  millennials and baby boomers alike are heading to the internet to look for work. But is LinkedIn beating out Job Boards for job seekers? Nope. A study from Millennial Branding and looks at how different generations use social media and other tools for their job…

Taking Your Staffing Brand by the Horns And Other Animal/brand References

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Steady Brand Investment is Rewarded By Lasting Competitiveness. This is statement from the Design Council we’ve adopted as part of our core values. It’s also the first line every one of customers and potential customers reads when they get a proposal from us. Here’s another saying you’re probably more familiar with – You get what…