BlueSky is powerful web-based staffing software that focuses on it’s customizability to provide the best single tool for hospitals and staffing companies. They came to us looking for a professional brand makeover, a new website and a series of videos for their site. We’re excited to share BlueSky’s professional and modern online presence.







Custom Lead Generation

BlueSky wants potential users to request a demo from them, so we built two dynamic and easy ways for a user to request a demo. Each form is quick, fits the site’s theme, and leads potential customers right to BlueSky. Best of all, it’s integrated with HubSpot to create a complete, automatic lead generator.



bluesky video marketing

Video Marketing Rich

Staffing Robot created three videos for BlueSky that engaged potential customers and quickly explained how BlueSky can work for them. These were created using brand assets and colors so they fit the feel of the new site. Pairing these with a slick video header shows that BlueSky isn’t afraid to embrace video.


Custom Illustrations

Representing complex software on a website can be difficult, especially when screenshots are smaller in size. Our solution was custom-designed illustrations that worked alongside text to give a clear picture of BlueSky’s capabilities and UX.



New Branding

A modern website deserves great branding, and we refreshed BlueSky’s to look and feel like who they are: a professional software company. Their logo and color palette is versatile so it can be used online, with print and physical collateral, and future videos.