7 Ways to Make the Most of Your Staffing Agency Marketing in 2016

People have asked us what the next Snapchat will be. Believe it or not, we don’t know! What we do know is that marketing for staffing companies in 2016 doesn’t rely on ALWAYS following trends or jumping on the newest social media platform, it still involves being present both online and within the industry. Here are some tips for doing so. The methods aren’t as fleeting or high-tech as you’re probably expecting.


Track Everything

Let’s talk about leads for a moment. You must be generating them somehow, otherwise you wouldn’t survive as a staffing agency. Do you know where they coming from though? If you can’t pinpoint the exact referral of your top leads then you will undoubtedly continue to pump capital into all of your efforts even if only one of the sources is actually performing well (and overshadowing the rest). The money your staffing agency will put towards those non-performing platforms is called wasted spend. 

Wasted spend isn’t the budget you burn through when you’re testing new advertising mediums or the amount spent to grow your brand through social media. Wasted spend is when you continually spend your budget on line items that repeatedly result in a net loss of time, energy, and capital. On the flip side, you can use ROI calculators to know how many candidates you would need to place to cover the cost of a new marketing initiative.

E.g. you’re considering building a new website. If your average margin on a placement is $2,300, and the cost of the new website is $21,500, then you would know that over the lifetime of the website you would only need to get NINE additional placements to cover the investment of the website. After those nine placements, any further increase in lead generation or placements is all your return of the investment, as your website is fully paid off.

Sponsor Events

Hosting events is a relatively inexpensive way to get yourself in front of candidates, clients, and customers. The result? You can potentially have your existing clients act as sales reps for your business. In a curated setting, you can easily initiate conversations about previous work and let the conversation flow. While you can have sales/lead generation as a goal, remember that there are many additional benefits to sponsoring events.

Primarily, you’ll have an excuse to get everyone’s attention. As the staffing event host/sponsor, you can do introductions, call-outs, and conclusions at any point during the event.

Google Trends report of The American Staffing Association's conference Staffing World

Google Trends report of The American Staffing Association’s conference Staffing World

You can have other companies set up booths to show off their new products, and you’ll benefit from the crowd that they will bring to your event. A less recognized benefit is the brand exposure that you can correlate with hosting an event. As an example, check out the above Google Trends report of The American Staffing Association’s conference Staffing World.

This conference may only be hosted annually (see the two peaks), however the relative search volume remains steady between the summer events.

Eliminate Worrisome Websites/Social Media Sites

It’s not hard to imagine that fifty years ago, you could build a business simply by honest work, paying fair wages, and taking care of your customers. Today, we’re still playing the same game, but there are far more competing teams and rules you need to understand.

One of the most important rules that you (staffing companies and candidates alike) need to remember is that the number one referral source in the world can make or break your business. It has the potential to be the wind in your sail or sink you like a rock. That source is Google. Since we’ve talked about the importance of Google to your website in the past, today we will focus on how poorly managed social media channels can crush your staffing company.

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc. The list of ‘top social media channels you must be on’ will grow year after year, however no other article we’ve found outlines the true problem — trying to take on the world of social media with a team of fifteen to fifty employees, and by the way none of them have a background in marketing. There are no preset rules in social media nor with staffing websites. However for our purposes simply remember that a sniper approach is better than a shotgun blast. Since we only work with staffing companies, you can imagine that we’ve encountered more sites (than we’d like to admit) that have a dozen social channels linked to on the website.

Sadly, none of the social media accounts get any attention. Why do you have a YouTube channel? You aren’t posting videos. A Pinterest page? You haven’t pinned anything since the first part of last year. Feel free to engage your customers, clients, and candidates on social media. Just remember to focus your efforts and cut out and delete those social media channels that were started one Tuesday afternoon when you thought, “Well it sure would be nice if we started a vlog.”


Knowledge Leader = Sales Machine

It’s noon on a Monday and Hubspot has posted eight new blog articles. I’ll remind you again, it’s noon on a Monday. So why is Hubspot so aggressive in their writing? Hubspot realized long ago that writing relevant industry content is one of the best ways to establish themselves as knowledge leaders a.k.a. the go-to source of knowledge on topics X,Y, & Z. How has it paid off for them?


Take a moment to take a look at this graph hosted by Social Stream. That tail to the right may be long, but you can imagine that it’s worth it when one of your articles becomes an outlier hitting ~15,000 shares on social media. At that point, ‘viral’ isn’t the benefit anymore. Today, anyone can create content. What Hubspot gains from publishing 20-30 blog articles each day is knowledge leadership. While the old-fashioned business owner may toss the idea of blogging to the side as it may not immediately generate sales for the company, keep in mind that of the top 10 traffic driving pages on Staffing Robot’s website come from our blog.

Constantly Generate Content

As a technology leader in what has been a very face-to-face industry, we know that we will never stop generating content for as long as the Staffing Robot name lives. Why do we generate so many articles and blog posts? For one, it’s a way for our team to reflect on and remind our friends in the industry about current events that they may not be following. New algorithm change from Google? You will probably hear about it from us. Blogging also gives us a chance to demonstrate our expertise that we share with our clients on a one-to-many scale.

Another great reason to generate content is because it gives validity to your web presence in the eyes of search engines. If your website only consists of a short list of services and a contact form, then it will be difficult to get the major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) to trust your website as a valid resource. However, with consistent content writing over time (Staffing Robot has almost 1,000 blog posts) you will see results like ours. If you’re interested in talking more about how to grow your blog, give us a call or send us an email.

Attend Every Conference You Can Afford

If you’re like most of the white collar workforce, you spend 40-50 hours in your workspace each week. Your time and space is shared with your company in the same environment, day after day. You may have the opportunity to dip out early on a Friday for an industry-hosted happy hour, but that’s about it. Most companies undervalue the concept of getting out of the office for a brief stint to listen and learn from the brightest minds in their field through conferences.

Here at Staffing Robot, you’ll always find our employees attending staffing-related events like SourceCon, ExecForum, and Bullhorn Engage. Why are staffing industry conferences so important? They put us in the same room with people who are trying to solve the same problem we are: How to build better staffing solutions by finding more candidates faster and reducing the complexity of getting in front of a client or candidate.

Beyond that however, our senior leadership encourages us to seek out additional ways to stay on top of our game with position-specific conferences such as Search Marketing Expo, Responsive Field Day, ______ and more. After all, we are experts in our field. To stop learning would utterly invalidate that statement.

Use Video to Show What Text+Images Can’t

Would you ever pay $556,000 for one video? Not for a series of videos, or even that long of a video. Just one video.

Beyond that, would you ever consider paying an additional $4.4 million to air your video? For all of you sports (or cheesy buffalo dip) fans out there, you know what I’m talking about: The Super Bowl. Thirty-second ad spots for the 2015 Super Bowl went for $150,00 per second. That’s quite a chunk of change, is it worth it? For a valid answer we need to compare a Super Bowl advertisement to something — let’s use the most circulated publication in the United States — USA Today. For $250,000 you can purchase a full page advertisement for the Friday edition, which would capture (at most) 1,258,000 people’s attention. So assuming that you didn’t spend a nickel on design, you would be able to capture (at most) 22,140,800 people’s attention for the same price as one Super Bowl advertisement. And with a mere 22 million potential views, you’re not even capturing half of the earned media (non-paid, organically generated) views that Budweiser had with their ‘lost puppy’ clip.

Got questions? Contact Staffing Robot today! We can help with content creation, videos and more!

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