Your Staffing Company Can Use Snapchat! (If You Can Figure Out How It Works)

When Snapchat first came out we all thought the app was just for teens to send self-destructing video and photos to one another, however, studies show people are using Snapchat for more than “sexting.”

A recent study at University of Washington found that 60 percent of respondents (age 18+) said they used Snapchat primarily to send “funny content,” while the second most popular type of “snap” is a selfie. If potential candidates are using Snapchat for entertainment purposes is there a place for staffing companies on Snapchat? We think so, if you can figure it out. (Users don’t interact in the same way as Facebook or Twitter making it tricky at first!)

Here are a few ways for your staffing company to use Snapchat.


Show Candidates Your Internal Culture

A glimpse into your offices or other company events can show potential candidates that your personable and approachable, but also that you’re capable of being real and off the cuff once in a while.

Introduce Candidates to Staff

That video on your website of your CEO or President talking about the principles your company was founded on? The intention is there but no one’s watching it. Instead, film your president speaking (unscripted) directly to candidates about why they should work with your company to find their next job.

Advertise Jobs 

Share the jobs you have available in a creative way. Maybe it’s a recruiter introducing the job or a photo that represents the job with a funny slogan.

Juggling multiple social media platforms can be challenging. As always decide which platforms are best for your company instead of stretching your efforts too thin across multiple channels. Master Snapchat, and it could be great for your firm’s candidate engagement—maybe even better than Facebook or Twitter.

Got questions about Snapchat? Don’t ask us, we just figured it out!

Hint: The baby emoji next to your friend’s username means she’s a new friend. That one took us a while.

Photo by AdamPrzezdziek available by Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0

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