Social Media: What’s Your Plan?

I can’t even count the number of times I have asked my kids “…and what is your plan exactly?” When one of them asks where the paint is while holding one of my nice pillows, a broomstick and a large bowl. Creativity and big ideas are great, however, most efforts need a plan and usually a voice of reason. Including your business’s social media presence.


Now what? Wait first… Why are you even on social media?

Seriously, why? You probably were told to hurry and be on EVERYTHING.  No one explained the reality of social media, what to expect and what would be expected of your business. You went ahead and did what you were told: the profiles and pages have been completed.

So, I have to ask, what is your plan now?

Sorry, but your company’s Facebook page is no cornfield in Iowa. If you want your new marketing plan to be successful, first you need one.



The days of just having the young intern post to your company’s Facebook are long gone. Today’s social media is a competitive marketplace, involving mass amounts of data, money and human relationships.

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Does your business know how to grow your audience? Facebook, for example, will only show a business page’s post to 0-3% of the page’s Likes. If your page is just starting out, addressing this should be a major part of your plan. Here’s some quick math, 3% of 1000 Likes is only 30 people. It is SOCIAL media, do you have anyone to talk to?

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With so many businesses using social media to market, users have become more savvy about how businesses are marketing to them. To keep up in this ever changing online world, your business must step up their game and put in some real effort. There is no auto-pilot with successful social media.

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Paid social media marketing and advertising has opened up a whole new world. For a small budget, a business can put its message in front of the people that they want to read it. Regardless of whether the ads are appearing on Facebook or a shopping cart, this is marketing after all and marketing costs money.

The business is choosing their message, who the message is going to, how many of those people will receive it and for how long. That sounds like a paid marketing strategy to me.



Above all, your business must be on social media with the intent to provide your target audience with value. Businesses simply can not view this as just another place to sell. Users are on social media to be social, and see that baby picture, bad political video, funny animal and keep tabs on what their ex is up to (don’t lie, you do it too).

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If your business is going to interrupt a video of a dog that raised ducklings as its own, you’d better be adding some real value in exchange. It needs to be something your target audience finds valuable; what they need or want. Take the time to find out what they do on social media, which platforms do they use the most, how and when. If you are going through the trouble of throwing a party, why not serve all of your guests’ favorite foods and drinks?

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Don’t Forget

Social media marketing is like having a hot girlfriend; if you stop doing what you did to get her attention in the first place someone else will gladly take your spot.

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