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For many of you, learning about and buying SEO services is a confusing, clunky, and frustrating experience — but it doesn’t have to be that way. Our new Accelerated Search Engine Rankings program through Jobbee Recruiter Pro is a new initiative with the vision that staffing companies can reduce their spend on Pay-Per-Click ads by 9-11% on Indeed, LinkedIn, SimplyHired, etc., by implementing a strategically designed SEO product.

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In April 2016, you may be paying twice the amount you paid during the same month last year for posting and advertising on Job Boards.

With Jobbee Recruiter Pro, you can create keyword optimized content on one page and have it boost SEO metrics instantly sitewide. In addition, this new version of Jobbee will drive candidates to your site without overspending on job boards. 

Staffing Robot launched Jobbee Recruiter Pro with a number of select regional and national staffing companies in the second half of 2015 as an industry-wide initiative to improve the web search experience for candidates and enhance the potential to rank organically on high-volume keywords. If you want content that is relevant and meaningful, including compelling and effective calls-to-action, we can help your staffing company reduce its monthly budget allocation to advertising by increasing your website’s organic lead generation. 

We know you have plenty of questions about Jobbee Recruiter Pro — it is an industry-wide initiative, after all. So, let’s answer a few now…

Jobbee Recruiter Pro is Niche Agnostic.

Jobbee Recruiter Pro is…

  • A job board and SEO service provided by Staffing Robot.
  • An industry-wide initiative. This means no matter the type of staffing you do, it will be effective.
  • Designed to support content marketing, predictable performance, and content flexible for mobile and desktop devices.
  • Built on existing web technologies — the original Jobbee. Therefore, clients are in control, and can customize Jobbee to work with and integrate into their specific advertising and business models.
  • Not restricted to location or size. We’ve spent the better part of a decade researching the best practices for high-growth staffing companies, and Jobbee Recruiter Pro is the result. Every staffing company can use Jobbee Recruiter Pro to instantly start executing an SEO strategy based off of the best practices of industry leading companies.
  • Available to run on any website.
  • Works with ANY proprietary or licensed ATS.

Where will Jobbee Recruiter Pro help me grow my organic traffic?

  • The most prominent application is in Google Search. Immediately after launch, you can see Jobbee Recruiter Pro in action in your Google Search Console.
  • It’s not limited to Google Search. Other top search engines such as Yahoo and Bing will see an increase in activity as well. 

What Can I Expect to Get From Jobbee Recruiter Pro?

  • Increased organic traffic and leads.
  • An understanding of which sources are driving the most traffic to your site.
  • Learn what keywords and keyword groups are the strongest for those pages and your overall conversions.
  • The ability to make quick, easy changes to website pages in order to get more organic clicks from Google.
  • Monthly reporting and analysis by a human!


How Can You Get Started with Jobbee Recruiter Pro?

Best question yet! Jobbee Recruiter Pro is formally launching at the SIA’s Exec Forum in late February 2016. Here’s what you should do to get ready for the upcoming launch:

Contact Staffing Robot to learn more about the Spring 2016 launch of Jobbee Recruiter Pro. 




Contact Staffing Robot to learn more about the Spring 2016 launch of Jobbee Recruiter Pro. 

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