Reach 450K+ Travel Nurses On Facebook With Relevant & Engaging Content 

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You can get engaging content your candidates actually care about in front of them without spending thousands of dollars on market research. In this post, we’ll show you how.

The image above is a screenshot from a tool called Facebook Audience Insights. It’s free and created by Facebook to allow marketers to research potential audiences that you want to advertise to. The beauty of the audience insight tool is the rich amount of data it gives you. It provides insight into your target audience in ways you might never thought possible.

Key Points of Demographic Information to Pay Attention To:


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Age and gender are important in order to craft your ad messaging for your target audience. For the case of travel nursing, 95% this audience are women. This means all of your advertisements should be focused on connecting with women like this sample:


hiredillo travel nursing.001


Next Key Demographic is Page Likes.


Facebook Ad Targeting


Page likes show you the top Facebook pages that your audience follows. This tells you a number of different things about the audience you are targeting. First, the majority of these pages can also be targeted as additional audiences to reach even more travel nurses. Next, the categories tell us the main interests of the audience. Knowing the top categories helps direct the ad creative based on what travel nurses are interested in. For example, we found a good number of nurses like this page, “Awesome Nurse Shirts,” which is a company selling T-shirts with nurse related quotes and sayings on them.


Awesome Nurses


From this audience research we know a great lead generation ad campaign would be to run a free giveaway of shirts with nurse related content. We know we have a captive audience because the “Awesome Nurse Shirts” page has built a following of 32k, and has high engagement rate on everything they post.

Looking at Facebook Audience Insights we can provide targeted content that nurses care about that also can be a source of leads.

If you are staffing company and would like us to run this campaign or one like it, please contact us today.

Thank you!

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