[Video] How We’re Helping Our Clients Reach Millions of People On Social Media

We assume by now your staffing company knows it needs to be marketing on social media. But if you’re like a lot of staffing companies we talk to, this might be your current social media marketing strategy.

“Hey, who’s the youngest person in the office?”

“Great! You’re in charge of Facebook.”

But if you want to get real results on social media you need two things—a team and know-how. We’re going to talk about both and show you how we’re helping our clients reach millions of people on social media. Yes, millions.

First, the team.

You want a designer, a researcher, a writer, and someone who’s good with data. If you work with Staffing Robot—that’s what you get. An entire team of experts who work to make your social media marketing efforts successful.

Now, let’s talk about know how. Here’s the process we follow for helping our clients reach their audience.


Part of knowing your audience is creating original content that speaks to them. If you are just reposting stuff other people make, you’re wasting an opportunity to share something unique. You can’t reach everyone by default. Instead, try promoting your content by boosting on Facebook or running ads to ensure your content doesn’t sit unseen on your page. By spending even as little as $30 a post, you’ll greatly expand your reach.

Here are some main metrics to look at:

  • The # of likes of post gets or that your page gets from this post
  • # Of times the post gets shares
  • # Organic reach
  • # The amount of traffic it drives to your  site
  • # The number of overall conversions you get on your site


Keep an eye on your post and look for opportunities to interact—this is social media after all. Seeing where your content works helps you refine and adjust your approach with your next posts. Following this process and committing to it will help you be successful in your Social Media Marketing efforts.


Here’s some work from one of the clients we manage. You can see some of the reach and results we were getting from posting original, relevant content on their Facebook page back in August:

facebook travel nurse post

2.2 million organic reach! Pretty cool right? That’s what we do at Staffing Robot. We know your audience and we have the team to help make you successful.

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