Still Using Internet Explorer 8, 9 or 10? If So, Your Browser is About to Die!

Quick! What web browser are you using, and what version is it? If it’s Internet Explorer, it’s worth checking to see what version you are on, because Microsoft will be pulling the plug on its older versions on January 12th. This means they will no longer support those browsers by offering updates and patching security holes, making your web browsing less safe and more vulnerable to those nasty hackers you hear so much about.


This is good news for users, and even better news for designers and developers. Internet Explorer has always been a pain-point when making a website, as many of the newest, fastest, most exciting web technology wasn’t available on earlier versions of IE. That shouldn’t matter, right? It wouldn’t, if there weren’t an estimated several hundred million users still using obsolete browsers to surf the web.

Microsoft is pushing out one last update for these legacy browser versions, which basically consists of a plea for users to upgrade to version 11 of Internet Explorer, or switch over to their new browser Microsoft Edge which was named after the guitarist from U2.

Upgrading makes sure you are not only safer from security threats, but you get to see websites how the designers and developers intended them to be viewed.

So how do you check which version of Internet Explorer you currently have? Beats me, we’ve been using Google Chrome for years! But you can download the latest version of IE here, or upgrade to another browser like Google Chrome or Firefox. Either way, you’ll be joining a more secure, standard, and exciting web.

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