Staffing Robot Top 10 Blogs of 2015

Since Jason launched the Staffing Robot blog many years ago, our goal has been to provide the staffing industry with news, insights, and maybe even a little controversy. Here are our top blogs from 2015: the blogs the industry shared, talked about, got mad about, and commented on most.


Marketing Tips for Recruiters in 2016

In 2015, we noticed more and more recruiters with blended positions as part talent advisor, part marketer. Recruiters have the skills to be a valuable asset in any company’s marketing strategy. In this blog post, we give recruiters four ways to help market their staffing company even without a marketing formal background to guide them.

Take It From Chuck Taylor, It’s OK to Update Your Brand
This year Chuck Taylor, one of the most well-known shoe brands in the world updated their most beloved product the All Star with a sequel— proving that if the most recognizable shoe brand can make big changes—anyone can and probably should.
5 Ways Cheap Blogging Services Are Ripping You Off

We heard staffing companies talking about blogging and content services in 2015 than any year prior. Staffing companies nationwide really seemed to be catching onto the benefits of content marketing. There are lot of companies out there that will offer really cheap blogging rates but from what we hear from current clients, inexpensive can become costly over time. Read about five ways you might be getting ripped off.

Robots Eat Too: Staffing Robot Downtown Portland Lunch Guide

We might be a full-service marketing agency but we also love food. When we hit up these food trucks, sit-downs and delis our leftovers rarely end up rotting in the company fridge.

Why The CareerBuilder Rebrand Isn’t Working

This blog post by Jason about CareerBuilder’s new logo shook things up a bit in 2015. As he says in his post, “having honest conversations about things like this only helps all of us in the industry.” We appreciate CareerBuilder’s products and services but also needed to start the conversation we knew no one else would!

Sequel Shmequel – Potential Star Wars Sequel Names from Staffing Robot

We know you think we’re all too serious over here, so we decided to come up with some further sequel titles to do our part in expediting the production of the saga “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”

The Hottest Trends in Recruiting For fall 2015

In this post we outlined six trends we thought would take off for fall 2015 and one trend we wish would take off: online staffing. The one trend we didn’t see completely catch on was ad campaigns and pay per click for lead generation. We based this off of our clients using this method with much success and hoped others in the industry would too. There’s always time!

The Hathaway Man: What’s Your Staffing Companies’ Point of Difference?

When client or candidate visits five staffing sites and yours is one of them, what will stick with them about your company after they close their laptop? If you haven’t thought about a point of difference for your staffing company, 2016 is the year.

Was Your Website Designed With All of Your Users in Mind?

Take a look at your company’s website. Was it designed with your user in mind? Chances are it’s behind, especially if you’re in tech. We want to give clients something new and fresh without alienating other (older) users. Here are some tips on how we manage all of your users expectations.

Run to the Website Store: Google Says Website Owners Must Migrate to Mobile

This blog post didn’t go as viral as we’d hoped based on how truly important it is to your staffing company. We talk a lot about Google on our blog. This is because whether or not we like it, Google determines our website traffic, which we all know leads to dollars for our business. Starting April 21, Google expanded their use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal, which is know having a significant impact on how your company appears in search results.

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