5 New Year’s Resolutions For Your Staffing Company


I always feel pretty iffy about New Year’s Resolutions. I think it’s good to constantly change and evolve, but most of the time my resolutions are just the same as the previous year, and those were abandoned within the first few months (or weeks) of the new year. So I do it all over again on January 1st, ad infinitum.

However, we’ve probably all had one or two resolutions that stuck. Perhaps just making it past the initial hurdle of starting a new habit is enough to make it stick (some say it takes 7 weeks). If it was a major change, it probably impacted your life in ways that you weren’t expecting. That’s the promise and excitement of a resolution — I don’t think anyone resolves to become worse than the year before.

Editor’s Note: Except Robert Haydon.

So why not make some resolutions for your staffing company? Here’s five things that — if you get through the initial pain and excitement of change — can make a huge difference in the next year.

1. Go Mobile

I’m going to keep this one brief, because we’ve talked about it over and over again. If your site and job board aren’t mobile friendly, stop reading this right now and contact us so we can get you visible to Google (and your candidates and clients).

2. Embrace SEO

Going mobile is important, but if your content isn’t bringing in people through Google (or Bing if they’re elderly) then you are missing a lot of potential traffic. Search Engine Optimization finds out how people are finding your page (and your competitors) and tweaks your site to make sure that you show up at the top of search results.

And what better way to improve your SEO than by utilizing your job board to provide a giant pool of SEO friendly content?

3. Differentiate Yourself

Staffing is a huge industry, we all know that. This is why it’s so important to actually stand out from your competitors. Easier said than done? Maybe. But you can start by perfecting your company’s elevator pitch. Then perfecting it again and again. The way you present your company evolves over time.

If someone proposes a change that seems radical or unheard of, don’t dismiss it. Don’t look at what your competitors to see what you should do next, look to see what they aren’t doing. Copying others won’t put you in first place. Your successes will only match theirs. 

Ask questions to see why candidates work with you versus other companies. Do this internally, too. You might get some answers that surprise you — use those to differentiate yourself from your competition. Once you do that, they’ll see your success and start copying you (and you’ll be years ahead of them!).

4. Market Yourself

If you want to continue to get quality candidates, you need to be marketing your company to them. This is a candidate driven market, and there are a ton of ways to speak directly to them. Social media, video content, and full-blown advertising campaigns that consist of everything from banner ads and pay-per-click campaigns to print media and trade show collateral. All of these work together to bring in more candidates (or clients, if that’s your focus).

Don’t forget to market yourself to passive candidates, too!

5. Refresh Your Design

Nothing feels better than new clothes and a haircut. Maybe your staffing company doesn’t need an entire redesign (or maybe it does) — but refreshing your brand can do wonders for your company. Give your company the equivalent of a new set of shoes, and you’ll find that people will be ready to engage with a company that seems fresh and modern.

Did I miss some? Of course I did! There are tons of ways to continuously improve your staffing company and put yourself ahead of the competition. If you are ready to make 2016 your companies’ best year yet, contact Staffing Robot to see how we can get you there!

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One thought on “5 New Year’s Resolutions For Your Staffing Company

  1. I agree going “Mobile” from a recruitment consultant perspective will help unshackle them from their desk – recruit on the go.

    As far as recruitment websites go, I come across them every day from what feels like the late 90’s – get em fixed up!! Call Rob.

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