We’re Curious… ​What Makes Your Company Different Than The Rest? ​

Warning: This post will be a gut check for staffing companies across the country.

It may seem ridiculous to start, however as a part of an elite team of developers, designers, and digital marketers who are wholly dedicated to building the brands of staffing and recruiting firms just likes yours, consider this question very carefully:

What Makes Your Staffing Company Different Than The Rest?

At any point in time, our team is working with dozens of companies. Our goals are often the same. We know the industry. There aren’t many surprises we haven’t been subject to. Our time in the staffing marketing space has helped us make friends with all of the associations, ATSs, and associates you know and work with on a daily basis. Staffing conferences are mini-getaways for us to stay in touch with other leaders in the space that we may work with during the week, but also consider our friends. We are comfortable in the staffing and recruiting industry.

Our team from the Portland Business Journals' Fastest Growing Business Awards

Our team from the Portland Business Journals’ Fastest Growing Business Awards

That’s not to say that we don’t stay on top of the latest trends. Our internal communication tools are consistently flooded with links to new ideas, designs, and market drivers contributed by every team member. This enables us to pull design elements and features not just from the websites you may casually browse daily – we seek out internationally recognized and acclaimed creative work. You may boast about how many hours or people you place in a given period. Our hours are spent combing over hundreds of blog post, infographics, and latest-and-greatest technology trends so that you don’t have to.

We don’t display our number of hours spent reading or pages read or design mockups that we edited over and over and over again before presenting to a client. Because of that, our deliverable may actually seem minimal at face value.

We make websites.

That’s not to say our products aren’t trend-setting and adored by companies nationwide, but I mean.. it’s just a website, right?

I’ll ask you one more time, and this time I expect you to put at least 7 seconds of thought into your answer.

What Makes Your Company Different Than The Rest?

[I’ll wait]

Every day we work with clients who want to know about metrics, like website traffic or Twitter followers or Facebook fans.​

W​e know that a 5% increase in traffic from LinkedIn is NOT the best part of your day. You don’t have time to care about visitors, followers, fans, or the like. Sure, at some point you reach a size where your social presence deserves attention, however most of you don’t need another board on Pinterest.

You need placements.

You’re running a growing business that, by now, has seen steady growth, but you’re still spending nights and weekends working late because you aren’t willing to take the risk of losing the momentum. We get it.

For those of you who aren’t aware, Staffing Robot is a company of entrepreneurs.

Like your company, we’ve all had our small projects that have grown into ​big ones, maybe even careers.

We know the grind. It’s hard work to keep a company alive.

We know it’s hard to put the laptop down, silence the phone, and stop working, even for a day.








Labor Day.

MLK Day.




Get togethers.

Guys’ nights.

Girl’s weekends.

You’re always ‘on the clock.’

Candidates drop off the face of the Earth. Clients expect that you can perform magic on a weekly basis.




Time off.

Time away.

Sick leave.

Work from home.





The chaos never ends, you just get used to dealing with it. The stress can be overwhelming. Sometimes you don’t even know whats going on until you have a moment of freedom, then it feels like you just woke up from a dream.

But if you have the grit to start a staffing company, and the ​audacity to question the status quo, you deserve all of the rewards that do come with entrepreneurship.

You get to watch people grow.

You watch jobs turn into careers.

You can sometimes catch a client in a state of happiness, maybe even elation.

You created something from nothing.

You’re supporting the growth of an industry.

A movement. An infrastructure. A sector of human capital.

You create value. Your employees, your clients, your candidates… none of them have to work with you. There are options, there will always be options. For a split second though, they see something in you that they hadn’t seen in anyone else. That little spark of passion. Passion to grow, to be better.

No one forces you to become an entrepreneur. You can easily — very easily — sit in an office that someone else owns, and help them follow their passion. There’s nothing wrong with that. Right now, I’m wholly and happily employed by Staffing Robot.

Even though it’s not my company, I do my best to treat it like it is. I do tasks that weren’t in my job description. I ask how I can make the company better, both for our team, for the owners, and most importantly for the clients.

As is true for you, our clients don’t have to be OUR clients.  There are thousands of groups of people huddled around computers in every corner of this country, that, at first glance, provide the same service offering we do.

I haven’t been with Staffing Robot for that long, so I don’t know why our clients used to work with us. Maybe it was the Fedora. Who knows.

All I know is that today, Staffing Robot builds great websites. Sure, there are bugs sometimes. We aren’t perfect, and we never will be, but we get closer every day.

So tell us.. What Makes Your Company Different Than The Rest?

Do me​ a favor and ​share your answer. You can tell us quietly via a message on our Contact Us page, in short form as a Tweet or in front of your friends on Facebook.

Thanks in advance, and Happy Friday,


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2 thoughts on “We’re Curious… ​What Makes Your Company Different Than The Rest? ​

  1. Innovation—whether small or big Company – is about change. Innovation is also about what works better and takes the business ahead. It’s about that incremental step forward that makes old ideas new again and repurpose the familiar into the unexpected.

  2. What differentiates us from the rest, that’s easy, client – consultant transparency. Let me fill you in on what that means – NO ASYMMETRIC INFORMATION! Put simply, the consultant, our client, and we all know the positional rate. Quick example — client will pay $100 per hour, we must get 20% margin, consultant know this and asks for $90 per hour, we tell client … we need $118 … client drops candidate or counters with $110 … consultant takes $88. Simple example, but we don’t play negotiation games, how about you? Does this make you different from the rest?

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