Staffing Snowbot: Recruiter Gift Guide

If you liked our Thanksgiving series called Stuffing Robot, you’ll love our winter/holiday series called Staffing Snowbot. For this post in the series, we’ve hand-selected very thoughtful gifts for the staffing recruiter or employment professional in your life.

Let us know what you’ll be getting your recruiter coworkers and friends during this holiday season by tweeting @StaffingRobot using the hashtag #StaffingSnowbot.



Yahoo! HotJobs Recruiter Dolls

There are still a few Yahoo! Hotjobs Super Recruiter dolls floating around the internet and ebay. There’s also a Captain Candidate doll for anyone hoping to take up voodoo.



Cards Against HR by HireVue

This free party game called Cards Against HR is for people who hate buzzwords. Just give away your friend’s email address, office address, and answer a few other lead generating questions and HireVue will ship your friend a deck of cards. Let them know their holiday gift is coming in the mail and the totally safe for work fun will begin. 


 Staffing Robot Recruit Like It’s Your Job T-Shirt

HAHA just kidding we’re not actually selling these yet. But hit us up if you want one because we’ve been thinking about selling them. Otherwise, find us at in Phoenix at the SIA Executive Forum conference and re-gift one to your recruiting friends as a late holiday gift.


 Executive Decision Maker

Now your recruiter friends won’t have to actually make a decision on that candidate, they can just use the Executive Decision Maker. Guess they’ll just have to SIT ON IT some more.



A rolodex is a great tool to keep all those important contacts in one place! In a rolodex!


Mitten Flask Set for the Parking Lot

Know a buddy with a career that’s not quite reached the era of hiding the whiskey in the top desk drawer or worse yet—on top of the desk? Get them this mitten flask set so they can discretely drink in the parking lot. You’ll get bonus points if your friend is a sports ball fan as these will be great for sneaking booze into an arena!



 Countertop Beer Dispenser 

Your office needs this beer dispenser cuz beer in the office is a thing now.




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