Marketing Tips for Recruiters in 2016

Recruiters, you know more about marketing than you think.

When I’m at staffing conferences, I often tell people I’m not in a sales role. I might be dodging the sleazy sales reputation a tiny bit, but I say it because it’s true.

I’m a content strategist lucky enough to be brought along to trade shows where I get to talk about all of the things Staffing Robot does: website development, branding, content creation, marketing, software, and more. All things I love.

But I have to ask myself if I’m in more of a sales role than I’m willing to admit. By the end of this year’s conference season, it starts to look that way. In being able to talk about what we do well enough to intrigue conference attendees, I’m selling our services and products.

It turns out that I know more about sales that I thought.

The same goes for recruiters. You have the skills to be a valuable asset in your company’s marketing strategy. 


As a recruiter you have probably thought about all the ways you want to help market your staffing company, but then you remember you don’t have a background in marketing. This is OK to admit, and probably healthy (stop signing yourself up for more work.).

If you’ve noticed the blending of your position as a recruiter and marketer, you’re likely on track to become the next office Diva, a.k.a your manager’s favorite employee. You can do both.

It’s all about understanding your skills and how they can benefit your organization.

Here are some ways you can help strengthen your staffing firm’s brand as a recruiter.

Perform an Audit

It sounds fancy but the first step in representing your brand as a recruiter is knowing how your company is perceived. Start researching your company’s online image:

  • On your Facebook page check the left panel for Visitor Posts and Reviews. These don’t show up in your feed and are often overlooked.
  • Glassdoor is growing in popularity as a source for rating workplaces. If you don’t see anything about your company on Glassdoor, check your competitors’ pages and see what ratings and reviews they have. Decide if it’s worth building up.
  • Don’t forget about Yelp as a source for feedback either.

Get Everyone On Board

Once you’ve got the approval to move forward with a general brand message on social media and elsewhere, get everyone on board. It can’t just be a few recruiters spreading the gospel—everyone at the company should know what sets your company apart and why top talent should choose you. This not only allows your messaging to be sincere, it means you don’t have to carry out the mission alone.

Market Your Referrals Program Better

Word of mouth still trumps all in this industry, so you should use it in your marketing and promotions. You can do this in a few ways:

  • Make getting referrals as easy as possible. Get a quick form on your website and make it as painless as possible for the user.
  • Remind your current consultants and customers about your referral program. Promote it on social or in an email newsletter.
  • Money talks, so provide incentives. Many staffing companies offer pay out for referring a placed candidate.

Keep Past and Potential Consultants Interested in Your Brand

A rejected candidate stays in your recruiting pipeline, so why not keep them interested in your brand, too? Maybe you have a good relationship with past and potential consultants, and when they’re engaged with your brand they are much more likely to apply and become brand ambassadors for your company.

A Glassdoor survey from October 2014 found that 94% of people surveyed said they were likely to apply to a job if the employer actively manages their employer brand (e.g., responds to reviews, updates their profile, shares updates on the culture and work environment).

Engage applicants and consultants with content that applies to them but also promotes your brand:

  • Make it more real. General tips for job seekers are great but try writing posts that benefit them directly.
  • Maybe it’s a post about classes or certifications to enhance a candidate’s experience or web developer happy hours in Chicago or “10 Twitter Users Every Designer Should Follow.”

Most of these suggestions are things you’re already doing: getting referrals, monitoring your brand, and building relationships. 2016 will be the year to combine all of this with an online marketing strategy.

What to know more about cultural audit for your company? Or marketing your company from the inside out? Contact Staffing Robot today!

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