Get Ready: Two-Thirds of Baby Boomer Nurses Considering Retirement

If you are a registered nurse over the age of 54, there’s a good chance you are thinking about retiring in the next three years. 62% of you to be exact, according to a survey from AMN Healthcare Services. An additional 21% said they will switch to part-time work.

Sure, this big wave of retirees over the next three years means there will be a lot more job openings (not to mention lines at the local buffet will be way longer). This is a candidate driven market, however, and staffing agencies will have to move quickly to make decisions about placing talent. All those job openings will allow a candidate to be pretty picky about where they will be landing.

Making sure your website and job board are mobile-friendly is the Most Important Thing, even if the GREAT RETIRING ™ wasn’t happening. Most of the people who will be looking to fill these positions are from the ever-mentioned Millennial generation, as well as the emerging “Generation Z.” They are using mobile more than ever, and having a modern mobile job board is the way to capture that market.

If you are a recruiter, you’re going to have a lot more people on your hands that you’ll want to place as quickly as possible. Instead of sending over a giant stack of resumes, try sending over actual people instead. Online staffing is coming and you should be ready for it. That’s why we created Jobbee Talent Finder, and we think it’s pretty swell. Sending your clients a URL with all your candidates on it is sooo much nicer than an email attachment with a bunch of plain-text resumes or PDFs. Your clients hire people, not resumes, right?

Finally, make sure you are engaging with your pool of candidates in meaningful ways. A lot of our clients use their blogs and social media to keep an open conversation with their job-seekers. Let’s get that nursing job satisfaction above 22%!

The entire report will be released this Friday, but you can read the infographic that AMN Healthcare Services Released right here:

2015 RN Survey Infographic


Don’t be daunted! Staffing Robot can make sure your company is ready for all those new job seekers looking for positions on your site. Contact us to supercharge your staffing agency!

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