4 Tips for Creating the Best Trade Show Displays and Materials

We’re getting closer to the end of conference and trade show season here at Staffing Robot. We’ve been in a few conference halls and believe it or not we weren’t just hanging out at the bar during cocktail hour.

We’ve had the opportunity to check out a lot of trade show booths, swag, and handouts. The companies that stood out against all of the noise generally followed these standards for the best trade show booths.

Here’s how to create the best trade show displays and materials for next year’s conference season.


Consistent Branding

Does your booth and other print material match the branding on your website and social media platforms? If you’ve had a website redesign hit up the company you worked with to see if they can do print and booth work for you. Most designers can work on any medium if given the specifications. It’s less work for you and the designer already knows what is right for your company. If your brand is in need of an update, your booth isn’t the time to debut it. Unfortunately, this only confuses people.

Straightforward Over Excessive 

When conference goers walk by your booth, you have 2 seconds to catch their attention. How do you know how much information to put on your booth? As a general rule, there shouldn’t be competing elements such as multiple graphics, a ton of copy, or massive headlines. Your candidates and clients at a conference are a captive audience—you already have their attention, don’t overload or discourage them from talking to you. What’s that saying…”leave something up to the imagination?”

One Simple Handout

At Staffing Robot our work is all about the web. We don’t have brochures or handouts for conferences but it’s very likely in your business you’ll want handouts for your prospects and candidates. People at conferences want one handout to remind themselves to find out more about your services, not 10. Spend the money on creating one eye-catching and useful handout and someone may actually hang onto it long enough to get in touch with you. After that happens, you’ll get the chance to give them 10 brochures worth of information.

Make Giveaways Useful and Memorable

Swag! Depending on the audience of your conference there will be swag: water bottles, stress balls, frisbees, notebooks, and unfortunately so much more. If you’re giving away stuff, make sure it’s useful unless your goal is to make sure it ends up in a Goodwill.

The purpose of swag is for your brand and logo to exist in an additional space, so make sure whatever you are creating is memorable. At Staffing Robot, we spend a little more time and money on our T-shirts so people will actually use them.

Want more advice on designing a booth that converts? We design booths! Check out some of our work here and contact us today to get started!

Photo by UpstateNYer (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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