3 Reasons to Write Unique Job Descriptions

Writing Unique Job Descriptions

If your job board isn’t currently hosted on your own site and isn’t adding to your SEO, then we need to talk. Working hard to get people on your site and then just sending them off to an ugly, non-mobile job board is bonkers. “But my job board is on my site, and it looks great and people love it.” Oh, it is? That’s great, now let’s make the most of it! Here’s 3 solid reasons to write unique job descriptions on your job board:

1: Conversions

Conversions are the lifeblood of your staffing agency, right? What’s the point of having all those jobs if you aren’t getting clicks from candidates? So make sure the descriptions actually tell the job seeker about the job, even at a glance. You are selling the jobs, so make sure it starts selling right away.

2: Search Engines

There are a lot of SEO factors that can be out of your control. However there are a lot of things that are in your control including the quality of your job descriptions.

Unique job descriptions avoid duplicate content penalties and promote rich quality content on your site rather than thin low quality content. There are a lot of ways to make job descriptions “unique” and even search engine optimized. But always remember that you’re optimizing for a user experience, not a search engine.

3: Job Board Performance

On a job board you have to convert the job seekers click to view your job. Then you have to convert their click to apply. Once they apply you have to convert them into the position. Each step has its own obstacles but winning the confidence of the candidate is paramount earlier in the funnel (i.e. on the job board). One way to win their confidence is to have a very informative job description that promotes the position as an awesome opportunity. If your description is boring and generic with little info about the actual job you will experience lower click through rates, lower application submissions and therefore fewer filled positions.

Don’t worry about using the same unique job description on your website that’s being used on job boards. It’s better to have a great job description that converts job seekers than it is to have 100% unique content on your website.

Job boards use job titles and job descriptions to match your listing with searchers. If the job description has very little to do with the position or location chances are it won’t rank as highly on the job board.


Writing unique job descriptions is a pretty easy way to add even more value to your job board. Plus, using your writing muscles makes it even easier every time you do it! You could become the JK Rowling of job descriptions in no time!

If all this sounds great but your job board is still tucked away on some other site, it’s time to integrate your ATS with the best job board plug-in out there: Jobbee! Contact Staffing Robot to get started!


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