How We Use WordPress Job Board Plugins on Non-WordPress Websites

WordPress currently accounts for 18.9% (or 75.4 million) of all sites on the internet. Because of that, we like building products that integrate with it. However, you don’t need to be a WordPress user to get access one of the hottest, WordPress ATS job board plugins, Jobbee.

Staffing Robot first created Jobbee as a WordPress plugin. So while the most common setup is to use it with WordPress sites, we can also set Jobbee up as a stand alone product on any subdomain. This means Jobbee can work with any CMS or website – WordPress or otherwise.

How To Put A New Job Board On An Old Website

We know that not every staffing company that wants a responsive, mobile-friendly job board can afford to build a brand new website. That’s why, we made Jobbee easy to set up and work with any website, even if we didn’t build it

For example, if you check out you will be able to see a website that we did NOT build. However, Agile still wanted to use Jobbee, so we set up a subdomain ( which is accessible on the Agile homepage at the header under ‘Search IT Jobs‘. The subdomain is a webpage we created, and designed to match the original website look. Even if it’s only built on a subdomain, Jobbee is still fully responsive, even if the rest of your website isn’t.

There’s no doubt that a good job board is by far the most important element on your staffing website. Below is an example of what Jobbee looks like (as a subdomain) on mobile phones. Keep in mind we did not build the top-level domains (e.g., we simply created a subdomain ( and linked to it from the website. 


Responsive Job Board Plugin WordPress ATS Staffing RobotResponsive Job Board Plugin WordPress ATS Staffing RobotResponsive Job Board Plugin WordPress ATS Staffing Robot


Another common question: “What Application Tracking Systems do you use most?

Jobbee can connect with any ATS that has an API, or an RSS / XML formatted feed to pull and push job and candidate data. To date, we haven’t found an ATS that we can’t integrate with directly. If you’re a small business looking for an applicant tracking system (WordPress users or not), here are a few of our most popular ATS job board integrations. These can all be used with the job board plugin (wordpress or other website) process we described above.

Akken Cloud – Revolutionizing The Staffing & Recruiting Industry, Efficiency Improvement Platform

API Healthcare – Healthcare software solutions for health systems and healthcare staffing agencies.

BlueSky – Accommodate all of your staffing needs with the only Healthcare industry–specific, one–stop software solution.

E-Recruit – The leading innovator in enterprise staffing software, VMS and on-boarding solutions for large staffing firms and employers.

Bullhorn – The global leader in CRM software for service-based industries including staffing and recruiting, with 10,000 clients and 350,000 users across 150 countries.

Ready to upgrade your job board? Want to find out if we work with your ATS? Contact Us today to learn more.


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