Google: More People Search on their Phone than on a Desktop

“Here they go again about mobile. Those Staffing Robot people just can’t stop talking about mobile!”

It’s true – we talk a lot about mobile because mobile web use isn’t even the future, it’s right now. Every morning, I take the bus to the office and I would estimate that 80% of the people on the bus, at the bus stop, or even walking down the street are looking at their phones. For many people (especially in developing nations), mobile internet use is their only internet use.

So it isn’t surprising when Google is reporting that mobile searches has surpassed desktop searches worldwide.

More people are using their phones to search than they are using their desktop browser. Over half. And it’s growing rapidly.

This is why we talk about mobile web development so much. If you ignore mobile or you have a substandard experience on mobile, you could be missing out on a large chunk of your audience. In fact, you could be missing out on OVER HALF. People on the bus aren’t just looking up cat pictures on Instagram or tweeting weird things about their city. They are looking for jobs, keeping tabs on opportunities and applying for new ones — all from their phone.

"Look at me, I prefer to use my phone even when a computer is right in front of me!"

“Look at me, I prefer to use my phone even when a computer is right in front of me!”

It’s a staggering change that has happened quickly, and a lot of us are still trying to catch up. But I don’t think it is too bold of a claim to say that in another five years, the majority of internet use in the United States will be coming from mobile.

We are at the point where having a mobile-friendly site isn’t even getting ahead of the curve, it’s catching up to it. If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, you are essentially invisible to Google. So when I type in “Des Moines Nursing Jobs” into the search bar, I’ll only get sent to websites that are mobile friendly.

So if you are reading this right now and your site isn’t mobile, you need to do something about it right now. And I promise we won’t talk about mobile for at least one blog post.

Mobile websites are just one part of bringing your staffing company up-to-date. With Jobbee your job board can stay on your site and be mobile-friendly, too. Contact Staffing Robot and become visible to Google again!

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