5 Ways to Make Your Staffing Company Blog Stand Out

If you are in charge of blogging for your staffing company it’s very likely you’re not a marketer, content strategist or writer by trade.

If you are then, congratulations! Your company understands the benefits of content marketing.

If not, you’ve probably gladly accepted the challenge of monitoring the company’s social media, blogging or marketing efforts because you care about your company and you want to see it succeed. It’s not always that easy though.

Based on this infographic by Contently, 22% of people surveyed said they weren’t finding the time to blog and 16% said it was challenging to create really good content.

People reporting these results were having trouble standing out against the noise.

Are you finding it’s difficult to focus on great topics and growing your audience? You may not be alone.

Here’s how to make your blog stand out based on the survey results.

It’s easier than it sounds.


Have less than two hours per day to spend on blogging? We can help with that! 

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