Robots Eat Too: Staffing Robot Downtown Portland Lunch Guide


We’re a marketing and website development company that likes to eat. We’re constantly looking for new downtown Portland lunch spots and happy hours.

When we hit up these food trucks, sit-downs and delis our leftovers rarely end up rotting in the company fridge.

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Frying Scotsman Food Cart (SW 9th & Alder)

“Authentic British fish & chips are their claim to fame. I recommend ordering with panko breading, it gives it a nice crunch. Each order comes with some amazing, hand-cut, small potato wedge style fries (don’t skip them). It’s consistently good, and the owner is super nice!” - Holly Amlin, Designer

Awesome chippy pic!

Photo by Damian Blacklock

808 Grinds Food Cart (Corner of SW 9th and Washington Street)

“808 Grinds is the best Hawaiian plate lunch I’ve ever had. Oddly, I’ve never had plate lunch in Hawaii.” – Peter David, Developer

DC Veg Food Cart (SW 3rd & Stark)

“Great veg/vegan food. The Steak & Cheese sandwich is so great, it’s pretty unbelievable that there’s no meat in it. The Seitanic chili is awesome for the cooler weather.”  – Barrett Olafson, Project Manager

Imperial (410 SW Broadway)

“The most amazing dungeness crab omelettes! The salad dressing was also pretty impressive — very light and lemony.” – Erin Moore, Account Manager

All-Way (615 SW Broadway)

“Perfect-sized burger and fries served in a metal cone. Low-key, diner atmosphere.” – Josh E., UX Designer


Kingsland Kitchen Food Cart (SW 5th and Oak)

Great British cart. They have daily specials like bangers & mash, but I’ve mostly just had the sandwiches off the menu and they’ve all been awesome. The couple that own it are really friendly and engaging. I’m waiting for the morning that I come into work hungover hungry enough to order their traditional British breakfast. – Robert Haydon, Dumb Pony

Clyde Common (1014 SW Stark Street)

“Easy to get in, great atmosphere and a changing seasonal menu with great food. You can get everything from salads, to an amazing fish sandwich and fancy popcorn. Great for casual or business meetings.” – Jason Lander, Chief Promoter

Beez Neez Food Cart (440 SW 3rd Ave)

“As a connoisseur of sausage, I can say that their sausages are the best in Portland. The most popular thing they have is the reindeer sausage, but I personally recommend the bratwurst.” - Griffin Barbieri, Executive Intern, Esquire

Huber’s (422 SW 3rd Ave)

“Portland’s oldest restaurant is a little on the high end for lunch, but they have some great nosh. I would highly recommend making your way behind the formal dining area to their bar. Aside from a historic feel to the room and vintage appointments, they have great cocktails and food. If you really want a treat – get the Spanish Coffee, and be ready for a show…”  - Ross Barbieri, Chief Tech

Marmo (1037 S.W. Morrison)

“The Italian sub at Marmo (mortadella, finocchiona, spicy coppa) is a solid choice when you’re not in the mood for a triple-meat gut bomb. There’s a full bar too if you need a mid-day lift (your boss will be less likely to detect bitters and amari on your breath).  – Karen Locke, Writer & Content Strategist


Photo via Marmo Facebook.

Cafe Yumm (301 SW Morrison St)

“One of my lunch favorites to sit down and take a quick break. I typically grab an Original Yumm Bowl and add a little Sriracha… followed by a walk along the waterfront.”  - Joe Snell, Developer

Rolling Gourmet Fusion (SW 9th and Washington)

“Surprisingly good cart sushi, which actually sounds scary if you think about it too long. Don’t think about it. Just eat it. The Momo Roll is yum = clean protein and refreshing veggies. As a bonus, the people are friendly and the food is pretty.” – Tara Hagman, Handler

Juniper Food Cart (SW 3rd & Washington)

“I recommend the Sesame Noodle Bowl; the sesame soy curls are derlershers. Also tasty are their tonics, which are served warm or sparkling. Chiggy-check the Juniper signature tonic, which is “Botanical and herbaceous with hints of citrus, grains of paradise, rosemary, and sage. “Herbaceous” is also the name for my upcoming dispensary.” – Evan Cooper, Street Brawler in Residence (Developer)

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 9.46.41 AM

Photo by Alaina Ho via Juniper Instagram.

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