Stitch Promises to Make Healthcare Messaging As Easy As Slack

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We use Slack here at Staffing Robot, and we really like it. Because we are a creative agency, we are probably a little spoiled as we can freely try new tools and gadgets, whereas a industry such as healthcare has been a little behind in growing their communication systems. A lot behind, actually. Doctor’s offices may be the only place that’s actually keeping the fax machine factories in business.

Modern communication is the idea behind Stitch, which was just introduced this past Monday. The easiest way to describe it is “Slack for the Healthcare Industry,” but it has loftier goals than what we use Slack for, which on some days is mostly Giphy.

A centralized hub where all of the patients charts, records, and communications cuts down on the time it takes to give the patient care. It also can save money… a lot of money. It’s estimated that inefficient communication wastes $11.2 BILLION dollars a year. That’s the b-word, and some serious scratch.

Stitch is free to check out and has already been used in several hospitals. As a patient, I’m excited for the day when my new doctor doesn’t have to wait to receive a fax with my medical records on it. He might as well be receiving it from 1995.

I hope that the next time I head to doctor I see them using something like Stitch. Time to catch up, Doctors!


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