Don’t Bury Your Testimonials (and other content) Where Nobody Goes

I’ve talked about testimonials before – they are a great way to share success stories with potential customers and basically say “hey, we’ve done this before and we’ve done a great job. This person says so right here!”

Whenever we work with a new client and make them an awesome new staffing website, we do a content audit of their existing website. Most of the time, one of those pages is a “testimonials” page — a completely separate section that has a list of customer and client testimonials. Usually this is just a wall of text. If I was a gambling man, I’d bet good money that the “testimonials” page is probably the least visited page on the site.

Field-to-Fork-Potatoes-a-potato-plant-with-leaves-stem-and-roots-©-Heather-Phelps-LiptonImagine you are shopping on Amazon and you found an awesome new potato peeler, but you have to go to a completely separate page that lists all of Amazon’s potato peeler reviews, and you have to go search for your particular peeler’s review in a wall of text. You’d never do it!

Testimonials and other content should be treated the same way. If you get a really great testimonial touting a specific service you provide, don’t send it to content purgatory on the testimonial page. Find a way to use it on that service page. If someone is reading about your potato peeler, make sure they know that someone else thinks it’s the best peeler that’s ever graced a potato’s skin. (Ok, that’s the last potato thing).

When thinking about how to structure your content on your website, think about how you would like to use it. Don’t make people go and hunt for relevant content! Dish it up to them right where they are, like a plate of french fries with their burger (sorry).

Also, we get it: maybe your site just wasn’t designed to have that type of relevant content featured on your pages, and that’s why making a new page was the easiest way to tack it on. If that’s the case – maybe it’s time for a redesign. Rich content like testimonials shouldn’t be buried on your site.

Like a potato.

Interested in making your content work for you? We love doing that kind of stuff. Contact Staffing Robot and let’s get to work!

Photo by Heather Phelps Lipton, via Nona Brooklyn

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