5 Reasons You Should Bike to Work (Exercise Isn’t 1 of Them)

“I’ll get all sweaty!” is a common deterrent for many people thinking about commuting to work by bicycle. If you live in a fairly bike-friendly city, only a few miles from work and you’re not biking to work — you’re missing out!

We left exercise off this list and we’re disregarding sweat as a legitimate excuse for not getting out there on two wheels.


There is no uniform.

Here in Portland the commuter’s uniform varies greatly. There is no right or wrong attire when it comes to commuting to work by bicycle. We’ve seen full-on businessman suit and tie get-ups, flashy custom cycling jerseys, jeans and cowboy boots, and everything in between.

There is nothing about biking that says you have to dress like Lance Armstrong, unless that’s your thing.

The Outdoors.

Maybe you’re not necessarily the “Outdoorsy Type” but clearing your mind while in the outside world before heading into an office all day can do wonders for your sanity — especially if your route to work is low key.

You could save money!

Unless you need a $3,000 bike and a new cycling jersey every week, you really can save money by biking to work. Bicycle maintenance is much cheaper than car maintenance. Gas and parking expenses will be a thing of the past.


You unknowingly join a new community.

Bike people. They’re everywhere. They love bicycles and the community around them. Even in small towns there are groups of avid cyclists, bike mechanic nerds, and yes, even hipsters. Biking opens so many new opportunities to meet new people.

You’re not in a car.  

“You’re not stuck in traffic. You are traffic.”

This statement might be a pithy bikers’ right bumper sticker slogan but it’s so true. When we’re sitting inside the confines of a vehicle every day, we are creating an environment we hate. And then we’re complaining about it.

Biking lets us see and hear the world happening around us – for better or worse.

When’s the last time you rolled up next to someone in your car and had a conversation? Biking to work can allow to you exist in a new space, if even for 20 minutes before your work day starts.

Just like anything endeavor, cycling can be a bit stressful in the beginning. Figuring out your route to work, gear, and maneuvering cars and people can take some work in the beginning. In the end we promise it’s worth it!

Need advice on getting started? Send us a line on Twitter: @staffingrobot.

1st bike photo by Samuel Zeller. 2nd bike photo by Dave Meier.

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