4 Things You Can Learn About Social Marketing from a Hipster Barbie

Have you seen the Hipster Barbie? If you haven’t, you probably have a version of her in your Instagram feed (especially if you hail from Portland, just like us).

Hipster Barbie (or really, Socality Barbie) is an Instagram account that skewers the #authentic #pacificNW #adventureliving people that populate your Instagram feed with pictures of antlers and wool blankets. Attractive 20-somethings that pensively stare out over a canyon at sunset: “oh, you just happened to catch me and my copy of “The Prisoner” here at the edge of the quarry. Snap a pic, will you?” #getoutthere


If you look through a few of the posts, it will probably look familiar; reminiscent of those #humblebrag Instagram posts you scroll through while waiting for the bus. “How is this person BACK at that lake? In a tent? On a Wednesday?!” These photos have the same theme as every other overly-hashtagged millennial Instagram feed, except the subject is a Barbie doll with a jaunty beanie and a handmade poncho. #shoplocal

The thing is, the Hipster Barbie is almost at a million followers. 1,000,000. Wow. Apart from being a fun novelty that we can all laugh at – we can learn a few things about social media marketing from Hipster Barbie. #livingislearning

1. Good Photos

We wouldn’t be talking about the account if the photos weren’t decent. Even if the account is skewering the hipster-sunset aesthetic, its doing it well enough to make it nice to look at. Instagram and other visual social networks can sometimes feel like “throwaways” when it comes to sharing content, but if you are lucky enough to have a viewer’s eyeballs, make it worth their while and take your best shot. #nofilter

2. Shared Experiences

Socality Barbie wouldn’t have caught on if people didn’t immediately feel like they are in on the joke. You most likely aren’t making cutting commentary on your staffing agency’s social networks, but your posts do have to have that shared experience to be relevant. Make sure your content gives your followers the feeling of being an insider. They follow you for a reason, right? #blessed

3. Hashtagged Out

The over-hashtagged Instagram photos are part of the joke, but in the beginning they probably helped grow the number of followers who were looking for the same type of content. People actually use hashtags to find similar content, so don’t forget to include them. Just don’t go overboard — do some research, find a few good ones that are in the same spectrum, and don’t appear spammy. #staffingvibes

4. Content Worth Talking About

This account isn’t selling anything (yet?). It is a fun side-project that a wedding photographer started to make a few jokes on Instagram. But the content was good enough to talk about outside of just flipping through the photos. You should aim for something similar with your posts. Sure, your stuff may not warrant its own Wired article, but if you share enough unique content, it will spur conversations beyond the actual content. “Have you seen what Wicked Awesome Staffing is doing on their Instagram? Fun stuff!” #communityfirst

Whenever something like this catches fire on social networks, it’s worth taking a second look at it with a critical eye to see if you can learn from it. For every novelty account you read about, there are hundreds that don’t make a blip on your radar. Learn from the good ones.

We can give your social media marketing a bump in the hipster Barbie direction, give @staffingrobot a shout or contact us right here.

Images from Socality Barbie Instagram

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