If Your Job Board Isn’t Mobile, You’re Losing Candidates.

Everyone has talked about the importance of your website being mobile, but staffing companies have an additional concern when it comes down to making sure your site works well on phones: your job board.

When you update your site to be mobile friendly, you’re not only appeasing the Google gods; you’ve made it easier for job-seekers to check out your site when they are on the go. People are always on their phones, and they aren’t using them to play Clash of Clans 100% of the time. But if someone is using their time on the bus to look for a new job, and your job board isn’t optimized for mobile, you’re probably going to lose them.


How many people are actually using mobile devices to look for jobs? A lot! According to this LinkedIn Mobile Recruiting Playbook (PDF link), 72% of active job-seekers are using mobile devices to look for new opportunities. Passive job-seekers are at 62%, and we all know how important it is to not overlook them. Because this data is a few years old, you can expect the numbers to be much higher.

We all know how much of a pain it can be to use your phone to fill out a form that wasn’t designed for mobile. Now imagine the added bummer of seeing an awesome job you can’t wait to apply for, and then having no easy way to apply for it until you hit a desktop.

Don’t forget the main thing that people are coming to your site for, and the chance they are coming to you on a mobile device is higher than ever. Make that job board mobile!

If your ATS doesn’t do mobile out of the box, we can help with that! Jobbee is a mobile job board plugin for WordPress. Find out more about Jobbee, or contact us to talk about how to get your whole shebang on job seekers’ mobile screens.

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