4 Ways Your Staffing Company Can Create It’s Own Coke Bottle

Way back in 1915 when Coca-Cola was still a nascent soda company, they were having trouble differentiating themselves from the competition. Not only was the soda being packaged in inconsistent bottles across different regions, other soda companies copying their bottles and labels making it hard for consumers to stay loyal. Coca-Cola asked ten different glass companies to come up with something they could use as a unified container. One company was the winner of 500 dollars with the shapely green bottle we all know today.


Coke said they wanted a bottle that could be “recognized in the dark or when broken on the ground.” I love this idea – something so simple and iconic that even when it’s reduced, it’s still recognizable. Is it too ambitious to think that you could do the same thing with something in your company?

If your company is creating a new soda and your goal is to overtake Coca-Cola, then yes… you probably won’t do it. But if your goal is to become a recognizable and leading staffing industry in Des Moines, Iowa and beyond: then this is an obtainable dream!

So what can be your Coke bottle: the thing that even if broken into it’s individual parts, reminds people of your entire brand? A lot of things! Let’s run through some examples with a staffing company I just created: “Wicked Awesome Staffing.”

Your Brand

With a name like that, the brand has to match its enthusiasm. Even if you don’t have a unique name like our example, that doesn’t mean your brand has to be boring. If you create a new, modern, exciting brand around your more traditional name, it’s still going to go a long way toward becoming recognizable in your market. The one thing that Coke had to have was a great product, then they created something memorable around that. Staffing in itself isn’t unique, but the container in which you provide it can be.

Your Voice

Your company’s brand is a lot more than the logo and colors that make up your digital presence. It’s also the voice you use when you answer the phone, write a blog, or email a client. A small touch like an interesting email signature or fun voicemail greeting can make you stand-out to a customer. And more importantly, it fits with your brand.

Your Office

If Wicked Awesome Staffing doesn’t have a Wicked Awesome office, then you will have some very confused visitors, and you know that will be the first thing they’ll be talking about after they leave. If real life people walking into a real life office is a major part of your business, make sure your office leaves a great impression.


When it all comes down to it, none of this stuff works unless you own it. Whether your company is ultra-professional, super-casual, quasi-weird, or a mix of the three; you should feel like you are a reflection of your company. If someone can tell you are from Wicked Awesome Staffing just by meeting you at a conference, then you are already ahead of everyone else who has to introduce themselves and their company.

Did I basically compare you and your company to a broken glass bottle on the sidewalk? Sort of. Did it work? You tell me. I may have stretched the analogy too far, but I think it’s a good thought exercise. Coke had a product that was so similar to it’s competition that it had to create something remarkable to differentiate itself – and it did such a good job that we are still talking about it 100 years later.

It’s worth trying to do something as wicked awesome as that.

If you feel like your company is more like Tab than Coke – contact Staffing Robot to put some pep in your step. It’s just what the doctor ordered! 

Image Credit: CollectorsWeekly.com

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