The Future of Recruitment: Which Jobs Won’t Require Human Talent?


Those who work in the staffing, placement or recruiting industry know it’s all about the people. You’re in the business of growing businesses AND starting careers — careers that require human thought and problem solving. You’ve seen the numbers before, the industry is only growing;

According to Staffing Industry Analysts the U.S. market is projected to grow to the scale of $29.1 billion in 2016.

So, with all of this growth in the industry — this talk of computers, robots and machines taking over jobs must be all fabricated, right?

The eye-roll-inducing stories about robots making hamburgers never cease to exist but is there a difference between the way a job is done by automation and a job completed by full-blown robots? We’re getting closer to knowing.

Check out this “definitive” guide to the jobs that will be done by machines. The outcome is based on inputs like “Do you need to come up with clever solutions” and “Are you required to personally help others” — and whether these tasks can be automated.

It can be both entertaining and frightening to see the automation of jobs but we also have to remember that more and more jobs are created. Have you recently placed a social media marketer? What about an App Developer? Jobs like these weren’t around 10 years ago and as technology grows, so will the positions.

It’s like saying goodbye to the phonebook (RIP): we still have the means to look up telephone numbers, the source just looks and works differently.

What do YOU think though? Have the jobs you recruit for changed drastically in the past few years? Do you foresee new jobs in the near future?



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