Take It From Chuck Taylor, It’s OK to Update Your Brand

You’ve probably heard about the Chuck Taylor redesign by now — it’s one of those stories that floats to the top of news feeds, even if you aren’t interested in shoes. It’s because the Chuck Taylor is one of those classic designs like the Zippo or the Vespa; it’s instantly recognizable and familiar. For many (including me) they are part of their daily routine. At this point, Chuck Taylors are more than a shoe, they are cultural touchpoint, a lifestyle, and a decent thing to slap on your feet when you are heading to the grocery store.

So announcing a “sequel” of sorts to the Chuck Taylor is a big deal. So why is everyone talking about it if they essentially look the same?

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 11.25.32 AM

Sure, Converse is calling this the Chuck Taylor II, but it’s more of an iteration rather than a true sequel. If the Chuck Taylor II were a movie, it’d be a director’s cut rather than a reboot. They’ve added things that are welcome (a padded insole, non-slip tongue) and tweaked the design just enough to freshen it up but not upset the 100-year-old design that has been the go-to shoe for punks, CEOs, and Content Marketing Strategists.

Converse has done the unthinkable: they messed with a classic design and people’s reactions are generally positive. It might even get the people who abandoned Chucks due to their general uncomfortableness to give them another try.

If Converse can change up a design that is in the Smithsonian, your brand can survive a tweak or two. But like the Chuck Taylor, you don’t have to completely destroy what you’ve built just to reinvigorate your audience. You can iterate on your brand and come up with something fresh and exciting that get people talking, but it’s still recognizable to your current customers. Fresh content, a redesigned logo, or a social media campaign can get people talking about your brand without having to reintroduce yourself.

That being said, Converse had a pretty rad and iconic design to start with. So if you are iterating on a set of Crocs rather than a pair of Chucks, let’s talk about making some bigger steps with your brand, rather than minor tweaks. Contact Staffing Robot today!


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