Job Boards: Keep Them on Your Own Site!


Let’s go on an imaginary shopping trip together, reader! Because this is my imaginary shopping trip and we are located in beautiful Portland, Oregon — we are going to go to the local, organic, artisan outdoor supply shop. Everything is on point: It smells woodsy, there are antlers on the wall, and a disinterested millennial is playing a song that prominently features a washboard percussion section. However, looking around, we can’t find any of the products.

room-597166_1280“Right this way!” says a guy so young but with a beard so long it doesn’t add up mathematically. We are lead through a door and into a sparse backroom. The walls are concrete and cold, and the decor is sparse and doesn’t match. The handmade wallets and $300 pocketknives are scattered around the floor haphazardly. This is weird, right? And to top it off, you can’t even use your phone inside to Instagram this to your friends.

Ok – come back to reality with me. What was the point of that extremely vivid but tenuously-connected story about designer goods? Well – if a user comes to your site to find a job, and you shuffle them off onto a subdomain that makes websites from 2000 look modern, you may not get them back. And with mobile users hitting parity with desktop users – if you aren’t mobile you’re missing out.

This is why we created Jobbee. Jobbee is a WordPress plugin that solves the problem of having to make job seekers leave your site to see the job board. It takes all the listings from your ATS and puts them right on your site and matches your design. Because they live onsite, you get an SEO boost from all the job details, too. And it works on mobile, of course!

So while your ATS may be doing a great job, sending a user that you’ve worked so hard to get off your site isn’t so great. Jobbee fixes all that, and makes you look great while it’s doing it.

Thanks for going shopping with me… next time you pick.

Want to talk more about keeping your customers around? Contact Staffing Robot today to talk about Jobbee, or whatever is on your shopping list.



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