Friday Slack Off: What We’re Talking About and How To Join the Conversation

We’ve been using Slack in the office for the last few months. Slack is a realtime messaging app that  creates different channels for different conversations. We dig it! As a full-service shop, we have channels that run the gamut: from design to development. Also, because we are real human beings with real emotions and hobbies, we have a few channels for those things too.Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 11.15.28 AM

We like having conversations in Slack so much, we wanted to extend it outside our office. So we’ve started a public Slack group that anyone can join: #thisstaffinglife. Just email us here with the subject line SLACK, and we will turn around and send you an invite to join the channel! Simple!

Once you are in, join the #staffchat channel and introduce yourself. Come in and talk about what’s going on in your Staffing agency, share a recruiting horror/success story. What you’re doing this weekend. Anything!

Think of it as the staffing convention happy hour mixer… all day.

Starting this Friday, we thought we’d share some of cool stuff that’s been in the Staffing Robot slack channels; a list of things we found or thought provoking, inspiring, or just plain interesting.

Be sure to join up for #thisstaffinglife – and slack off a little more by perusing our list o’ links:

#ContentStrategy (great content, or links about content)
love the super clean layout –
great post –
content worth sharing –
good content –
best working offsite spots in portland and austin –

#DesignCools (Stuff we dig in Web Design)
great example of “getting off the grid” –
great site layout and the menu is awesome –
great content layout (French site) –
cool site –
cool layout –
interesting way to use site URLs –
the singularity of design –
cool animated page transition –
super interesting site, breaking the grid –
good example of mobile first, breaking the grid, and adding design elements as the screen gets larger –
another example of breaking the grid –
good example of a brand changing over time –
good wire framing kits –
good stuff –
77 ways to design the letter M –
check out how the vector art represents different people/ideas –
cool layout and interactions –

#Devamaze (web development radness)
Wordpress moving to support PHP 7 – depreciating PHP 4 style constrictors –
Interesting dev workflow. Seems a bit complex, but might have some benefits: –
Nice article on web structure and css:
Fix scrolling performance with CSS will-change property:
Art-Directing an SVG Embedded using <object>:
open encryption project
Decently slick custom image progress loader library, should you ever need one:
woah, futurey:

blog post on moz today talks about the loss of link equity from 301 redirects being around 15%

#General (We were very concerned about our impending doom in the great Pacific NW Earthquake)
Sleep tight!
I’ll see your bummer New Yorker article, and raise you this Mercury narrative:
Earthquake schmirthquake:

musica mario –
this site was made by google. it’s a fairly hidden site they allows you to see the cheapest flights over a month, or within slightly more vague timeframes if you don’t have set dates for a trip –

watched this last night, pretty darn good –
Paul Giamatti pops in to give it some love –
this looks pretty dope –
suicide squad –
star wars: the force awakens:

Hope you’ve found a few things to make your Friday more interesting – Request an invitation to join us in Slack and let us know what YOU are talking about in your office!

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